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Add a Tie, Why Not? Written By: @TiedUpWardrobe

The key to finding your own personal style is to experiment with all different types of clothing. There are many ways to stay stylish, and it all comes down to what you think looks good on you. Personally I love to dress up as much as I can. Any chance I get, I throw on a tie and a blazer. Adding a tie can add a lot of flare to your outfit. Above, I'm wearing a cotton tie, provided by Sprezza Box. The pink patterned tie and floral print pocket square coincide with the spring time. I've taken advantage of one of the many monthly subscriptions services available for purchase. Each month, the company will send you a variety of products based on several factors and they are generally available for under $30.00 per month. You get way more for your money through these services!

Having this come to you once a month will give you many options as to what to include in your everyday attire. I definitely recommend checking them out!

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