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Nonnina Review

I love homemade pasta. You’ll notice an Italian theme in a lot of the restaurants I got to. My personal philosophy is that homemade Italian pasta / pizza is worth the money. I make pasta and / or pizza from scratch, so I definitely appreciate the process!

Why Eat Here?

If you are looking for a great Italian restaurant in the heart of River North, Chicago, then Nonnina won’t disappoint. This restaurant is located very close to the river and a top notch location for an evening with great weather. Either before or after dinner, you can enjoy part of the Chicago River Walk or just a walk around the lively River North neighborhood.

The restaurant is very well priced given the location and the quality of the food. Our waiter was fantastic and the manager made a point to be out on the floor talking with customers.


I typically wear a blazer and button down when we go out to dinner in Chicago, and this evening was no exception. It’s my way of dressing up without being too formal. I only own two black shirts and this shirt is the reason why I should own more. I used to always be concerned about wearing black with blue, but I think wearing a black shirt with denim is very appropriate.

Blazer: Nifty Genius

Shirt: Handsome Me Clothing

Belt: Anson Belt

Denim: DSTLD

Shoes: Thursday Boots

Watch and Cuffs: Daniel Wellington

Pocket square: Howard Matthews

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