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Senszio Custom Suit Review

An exceptional custom suit experience begins with a true master of the craft and for the brand Senszio, this master craftsmanship is a requirement for their tailors. I had the opportunity to meet with Prashant, a tailor with Senszio, while he was in Chicago, for a truly unique custom suit experience. It reminded me of the times that my father and grandfather shared with me when they had suits made. You are measured and analyzed until the expert is comfortable that he or she is going to deliver a perfectly fitting suit.

Fortunately, Prashant was able to squeeze in some other appointments because we ended up talking shop, exploring fabrics, and just hanging for the entire afternoon on Michigan Avenue. Senszio is truly a top-tier brand that embodies everything positive about the custom suit experience. Their suits are made using the highest quality fabrics, and with care that will certainly impress. Prashant visits the United States, from China, about four times a year to personally meet with new and existing clients.

My photos will chronicle you through this incredible experience: walking around Michigan Avenue, getting measured, selecting fabrics from hundreds of options, and customizing every detail. When I say custom suit, I’m talking about a suit where he asked me how wide and at what angle I want the peak of the lapels. I mean look at those peaks, they are perfect! Literally, every feature on this suit is fully customized. I was even able to pick the thickness of the waistband and the fabric for the inside of the pants! Check out the light blue contrast stitching on the lapel and the functional button holes!



This is the first of two suits for my collaboration with Senszio. I selected a gray plaid, double breasted suit. I chose this suit as it will become one of the most versatile suits in my wardrobe. Gray pairs easily with almost any color, for any occasion. If I want to ‘brighten’ this style, I could wear a bold colored shirt and tie. If I want the suit to stand on its own, then I would wear a muted white or light blue shirt with a classic red or dark blue tie. I typically select light plaid suit patterns since they easily match with other shirt and tie patterns. The double breasted option of this suit is a selection that allows the suit to be a bit bolder. Double breasted suits aren’t for everyone. I do recommend having one in the wardrobe. However, the proper fit is critical. As an added bonus, this particular suit jacket happens to look great with jeans, for a more casual occasion!

Senszio conducts the fitting and selection process to the highest degree of quality and, most importantly, they deliver a suit that WILL fit. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and be sure to check out their website (click here)!



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