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Vandre Linen Hats Live on Kickstarter

The Vandre 100% Irish Linen hat was fully funded on Kickstarter and is now available for purchase in Arashi Sand:

The Vandre Arashi Sand and Santorini Blue linen hats.
The Vandre linen hat was successfully funded on Kickstarter! Click the link to check it out!
Your support and 'backing' this Kickstarter would mean so much to us! If you're planning to purchase be sure to take advantage of the special early bird pricing! The first 100 orders of Arashi Sand will also receive their orders in early July!

After the hard work and success of the Vandre 100% wool flannel gray hat from our fall/winter launch, we wanted to continue growing the brand with the launch of two hats for warmer weather. By using Kickstarter, we are able to collect the funding needed for the order and continue growing the brand.

The Vandre linen hats will have an early bird price of $49 on Kickstarter (MSRP $65). The first 100 orders of Vandre Arashi Sand hats will be shipped out in Early July, so be sure to be one of the first to order! We have a lot of customers planning on ordering both, so they'll receive the Arashi Sand first and then the Santorini Blue after full production.

Vandre hats are built upon the foundation of the world's greatest fabrics and inspired by high-end custom men's suiting. We're applying all of these components to a casual product that can be worn every day and in more casual settings. If you want to learn more about the story behind the brand, click here.

The Vandre linen is 100% Irish Linen exterior fabric from the world famous Baird McNutt mill located in Northern Ireland. Linen is the best fabric for warmer months, it's breathable, durable and naturally lightweight.

The colors are most versatile for men and women to wear every day. The Arashi Sand color is ideal for matching with everything. It's a neutral color, so you can literally grab it on your way out the door and it's going to match whatever you're wearing. The Santorini blue color is the perfect color choice for those who want to wear something slightly bolder. It will stand out in all the right ways!

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