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About Me


My name is Ben Rascoe and I started the Dapper Professional passion project in 2014 to help inspire men to learn how to dress better, select the right clothing for their lifestyle and find menswear products within their budget. My commitment to fashion and photography helped to grow my website and my Instagram following to over 100,000 followers. 

Since starting the journey with Dapper Professional I was always passionate about finding a menswear product to evolve into a brand that I was confident in building. It all started with the right product. Applying the lessons learned from two prior projects and from the hundreds of brands I've worked with, I founded Vandre in 2020. Vandre Brand is built on TIMELESS HEADWEAR using premium fabrics, classic designs and quality finishes.


My website and Instagram are 100% personal accounts focused on men's fashion and lifestyle content. I am always striving to produce inspiring, high-quality content that is bold enough to captures someone's attention, yet subtle enough to wear in a work environment. 

Be sure to reach out to me below for any questions and / or collaboration opportunities. 

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