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Thank you for stopping by my website! I hope you had a chance to check out my fashion blog, dress shirt guide and my top 10 watches on Amazon under $100

My name is Ben Rascoe and I started the Dapper Professional passion project in 2014 to help inspire men to learn how to dress better, select the right clothing for their lifestyle and find menswear products within their budget. My commitment to fashion and photography helped to grow my website and my Instagram following to over 126,000 followers. 

I currently live in Bucktown, Chicago with my wife. We're always out and about, so be sure to follow along my Instagram account because my stories are always all things Chicago. We enjoy being out with friends and family, checking out all the latest restaurants and bars in Chicago. Even if my professional camera isn't with me, I'm always taking photos on my iPhone.

While being an 'influencer' I have always maintained career jobs well beyond a typical nine to five, first in Corporate Finance, then Financial Consulting, followed by a Partnership at a brand planning and customer experience firm. I then worked as an Executive Director at a national pharmacy. Currently, I'm back to working in the financial consulting industry. I studied marketing and entrepreneurship in college and I have always had a passion for all things dapper!

Ever since starting Dapper Professional I have always strived to bring my own product to market. Several years ago I started the process first with a unique pair of dress slacks, then it was a new concept for a vest. Applying the lessons learned from both of those projects and from the hundreds of brands I've worked with, I founded Vandre in 2020. Vandre Brand is an EVERYDAY LUXURY hat brand applying design and functionality inspiration from high-end suiting to an everyday casual product, the baseball hat. 

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking here.


My website and Instagram are 100% personal accounts focused on men's fashion and lifestyle content. I am always striving to produce inspiring, high-quality content that is bold enough to captures someone's attention, yet subtle enough to wear in a work environment. 

Be sure to reach out to me below for any questions and / or collaboration opportunities. 

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