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Every man’s closet must have a variety of ties. The quantity and quality will depend on your job and how often you have to wear ties.


3 inch ties or less are popular today. Skinny ties are definitely more acceptable in the office environment, and not just for hipsters.


Avoid polyester ties. Don't iron your ties. And store them properly to avoid damage.


If you aren’t the most fashion forward individual, select 2 patterns and one plain item between the jacket, tie and shirt. If you have a pattern on your suit/sport coat and a pattern on your shirt, then try a plain tie. If you are wearing a plain suit or dress shirt, go with a more aggressive with the tie.


Have a good mix of patterns between diagonal stripes, shapes, patterns, plain colors with textures, paisley, etc.


Diversify your tie selection! Venture into some silk knit ties, cottom summer ties, etc. The variety will help keep things interesting!


Keeping your tie choice consistent with the weather is a simple trick (e.g. probably not the best idea to wear a bright pink tie with a blue striped shirt on a snowy day in February).


The Tie Bar - Tie

Recommended to Start

Start with a variety of patterns and colors that are relatively low cost, $15-$25 per tie. Thetiebar.com, from what I have come across so far, is the highest quality ties for the best price. They have such a wide selection of ties ranging all different colors, patterns, fabrics! 


Check out your local Marshalls and TJ Maxx and start buying the brands / ties you like. You can never own too many ties. Once the basics are covered, focus on different colors / patterns based on the seasons.



The Tie Bar - Bow Tie

Oliver Wicks - Tie

Brands and Price Points

If you need a lot of ties, then going with thetiebar.com and some of the other low cost tie sites might be a good fit for your lifestyle. I have personally used thetiebar.com and can speak to the quality / price of the products. Definitely great products at a great price.



Sites with a wide selection of ties generally will have great guide to help you out with seasonal patterns.


In the United States, Marshalls or TJ Maxx are great stores for everyday ties. They regularly carry Tommy Hilfiger and Nautica ties that are good quality for the price. These will typically run between $12 and $20. They will also carry some higher end brands that are always worth purchasing if you like the patterns. Brooks Brothers ties turn up occasionally, be careful with the irregular fits (it will say it on the tag). Polo ties turn up every now and again, in addition to some other high end brands. Hugo Boss and Yves Saint Laurent have been spotted there. Always purchase those when they are there! For under $50 you can’t beat that price! Be careful to double check for damage on the ties.


Nordstrom Rack will have a lot of great brands on their clearance racks, those will run closer to the $30 range.


J Crew, Banana Republic, Bonobos, etc. sell ties as well. Their ties are nice when they are on sale, but personally I don’t think it is worth paying full price for them.


There are a lot of great made in the USA ties at boutiques across the country. Find something local if you are in a major city and you can generally purchase these for between $30 - $50.


You pay for quality with a tie, no questions.



The Dark Knot - Tie

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