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After purchasing your ‘staple’ sport coat, go after some unique sport coats for all occasions! They should be worn on dates and out with friends, not just with a tie on a business casual day at the office.


You might take some heat for being too ‘dressy’ when going out with your friends, but don’t second guess it.


The shoulders can fit a bit more snug if that’s what you prefer, but make sure it’s not too tight. If it’s too tight then you will see an indent below the shoulder pad and bunching around the back collar. In addition, it will hinder being able to grab a drink off the bar!


The sleeves can fit the same as they do on the suit jackets (maybe a bit shorter). The jacket should come down right about where the hand meets the wrist.


Remember to select a jacket that fits great in the shoulders. Generally speaking, there shouldn’t be a large X formed when you button the top button on the sport coat (that is a sign it’s too tight). The shoulder pads should end parallel to your arm when resting. The width can always be altered.


Know your general jacket shoulder size and if you are a slim vs. regular fit.


For more detailed fit instructions, refer to the suit section.


Only ever button the top button on a two button jacket or middle button on a three button jacket.  


A navy blue sport coat is the 100% mandatory item for any gentleman’s closet.


Tailor Store - Blazer

Style and Recommended to Start

A navy blue sport coat will get the most wear. It’s perfect for business casual office situations and also for wearing to a casual function.


100% wool would be my recommendation for your first sport coat. Cotton/linen is a good alternative for the spring / summer months.


Polyester and other blends are what you will typically see on sale at Banana Republic, Gap, J Crew, etc. Just know that these are more casual and won’t have the same longevity that a 100% wool sport coat will. The fabric also does not breathe as well as wool.


Many stores (J. Crew, Banana Republic, H&M, etc.) will sell much more casual sport jackets for under $100 on sale. Go for the polyester blends if it fits well and looks right! It’s just good to understand the differences between the blends and 100% wool. These stores will often also sell 100% cotton jackets that are great for the spring and summer months.


Once you have the navy blue sport coat, then I recommend getting two seasonal jackets. For the spring / summer a lighter blue, possibly a houndstooth pattern. The go to fall jacket would definitely be the dark, brown corduroy jacket. For winter, a heavier tweed is always nice to have as an option.


There might be some readers that frown at this idea, however go and search your local Goodwill for a jacket that fits you perfectly. Most of the time it isn’t worth investing in having it tailored. There are some amazing vintage jackets in Goodwill stores across the country. Hidden between various cheap jackets can be some very expensive sport coats: Jack Victor, Hicky Freeman, Jos A Banks (vintage Made in USA), etc. Most sport coats that are made in the USA and in great condition would be a good pickup. Good luck!


Tailor Store - Summer Linen

Oliver Wicks - Winter Tweed (break apart the suit and wear it as a blazer)


Brands and Price Points

Sport coats are often on sale for around $120. It will take some searching, but it’s definitely possible. The nicer ones are definitely in the $200 range.


Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off Fifth, etc. are all viable places to start your search.


Macy’s carries Michael Kors, Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger jackets that are on sale consistently for that $120 price point. As with the sales people at Jos A Banks, don’t trust their opinion on fit without doing some prior research.

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