How & When To Wear Cufflinks 

Great quality cufflinks don’t have to cost a fortune! Spending under $50 can go a long way in the cufflink world, it’s just about looking in the right spot.


It’s definitely necessary to have some bold links, but also just as necessary to have more conservative options as well.


Sterling silver engraved cufflinks are often given as gifts and considered more conservative. Another conventional option are plain silver cufflinks or perhaps vintage coin cufflinks.


Cufflinks are only to be worn with French cuffed shirts. If it is a black tie / tuxedo event then your cufflinks should match your shirt studs.


Affordable cufflinks can easily be found all over ebay and Etsy. These vintage cufflinks are of incredible quality and will surpass anything you can buy in a store for the same price. Generally you can buy a great pair for under $30. Seriously, there are a ton of great quality cufflinks on ebay just waiting for the right home!


If you’re going to purchase cufflinks that represent something you really like, make sure you invest in a quality pair knowing that people are going to ask about them. If you love golf and want cufflinks that represent this, then buy a decent pair and not the cheapest pair online.


***All Photos and Content By Dapper Professional


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