Best Denim Jeans For Men 

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Buy a pair of nice, clean, simple dark jeans that fit perfectly. It’s just that easy!


Jeans come in many different shapes and sizes and most guys don’t pay attention to the jeans they wear. Well, mostly everyone else notices your jeans. Brand is not even the most important factor here.


Invest in a pair of denim that you can wear to a casual business environment or on a date. Dark jeans are also becoming more and more acceptable in business casual environments.


Plain, dark, blue jeans, with no fade that fit you right. Jeans can be altered. The waist can be done if it is necessary, but it’s really the length of jeans that just don’t fit most guys properly.


There are several different styles; for an average body, straight cut will most likely be the best fit. Don’t get boot cut or relaxed, if they are your nice jeans. Skinny can be acceptable if you are thinner and they are not outrageously skin tight.


Rise is important as well. The higher the rise the more room in the crotch area. If you wear your pants higher, tuck your shirt in a lot and/or are taller, I would recommend mid to high rise jeans.


Light colored jean and any jean with any type of fade are automatically more casual. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of $500 jeans. A pair of $100 dark, plain, tailored jeans are going to look better 9/10 times.


Jeans don't have to just be blue!


7 For All Mankind - Raw, Selvedge Denim

Do NOT roll your jeans unless they are selvedge jeans (preferably raw denim also). Selvedge jeans are typically the highest quality denim with finished edges (no fraying on the inside fabric fold.


Around $100 should get you a fantastic pair.


Recommended to Start

Go and buy a respectable pair of dark, plain wash, straight leg denim that has the proper length and overall fit.


Nordstrom Rack is a great place to start. Nordstrom online has great jeans on sale too if you want to take a crap shoot on fit. They have free shipping and free returns.


Gap, Uniqlo and Lucky are the recommended brands for the lowest cost.



Brands and Price Points

It’s worth investing around $100 in a pair of nice jeans. Although, you can definitely get a great pair for cheaper.


I would avoid purchasing jeans from many of the 'teen sensation' stores. There are better quality jeans for the money.


For the more brand savvy individuals the design on the back of the pocket will give away the brand of the jean.  


Lucky brand jeans sold at Marshalls, T.J. Maxx and even Costco might be your best bet. They are typically around $40. Their jeans are extremely comfortable and still considered nicer jeans! Watch out for the cuts though (avoid boot cut and relaxed fit).


If you are interested in stepping it up a bit, go to your closest Nordstrom Rack. They carry several brands around $80 - $120. Seven for All Mankind, Joes, Diesel, True Religion (a bit excessive), Lucky, J Brand and Levi's are all sold there. The selection of Levis is generally very good and more of a traditional brand.



Joe's Jeans - Denim

7 For All Mankind - Denim

Gap carries very nice denim that normally doesn’t have a design on the back pocket.


Uniqlo has high quality jeans for a reasonable price. Their fit is very straight and narrow, so just a warning before purchasing online.


Levi's have really made a come back and they produce some great fitting, quality jeans at a very reasonable price. 


Buying jeans online might not be the best idea in general unless there is free return shipping. Every brand of jeans fits so differently that it is often hard to compare.


If you read the break section on dress pants, a medium break is safe with jeans. This means that the jeans are resting a bit on your shoes and there is a slight crease.


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Raw, Selvedge Denim

ROLL THESE JEANS (if you want).


Raw, selvedge denim is premium denim. These are the jeans that are typically rolled as a way to show off the selvedge seam on the edge of the denim.


Selvedge denim is typically produced from the highest quality denim, on old fashioned loom and it is the end of the roll. It is normally a different color from the rest of the threads. There is no fraying on the sew lines.


Raw denim is untreated, un-dyed, denim. This denim is rarely washed and, overtime, conforms to your body. The jeans will eventually start to fade naturally in areas of most wear. 


Not all selvedge denim is raw denim also, just a friendly heads up!


The more you wash them, the more dye that is lost and the less natural fading occurs. Yes, raw denim can be washed and cared for properly.


7 For All Mankind - Raw, Selvedge Denim (2.5 years)

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