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What To Do In Reykjavik Iceland

The Best Day Trips

Sifting through all of the different tours with different tour companies at different price points was quite a task for day trips from Reykjavik. We came to find that a lot of tours through different companies are either incredibly similar or actually the same tour run by the same company but listed under different names. We also found that very similar tours at different price points came down to the size of the tours. We ultimately chose smaller tours for more money, and we were very happy with this decision. Having less people made the tours more flexible, which allowed us to maximize our time at each stop along the way. These are the best day trips from Reykjavik. 

We ended up doing tours with Extreme Iceland and BusTravel Iceland. Overall we genuinely enjoyed both tour companies and would highly recommend them to anyone traveling to Iceland. On both websites ( and you can easily explore the tour options that best fit your interests and schedules.

The tours below were the best day trips from Reykjavik for our week in Iceland. Doing day trips from Reykjavik definitely limited the distance we could travel from Reykjavik, but we felt that we saw as much as we could of different parts of the island.


Here is our top list of day trips from Reykjavik (click the link below or the blog post below):

  1. Click here for the top Snorkeling and Golden Circle day trip in Iceland.

  2. Click here for the top blue lagoon trip in Iceland.

  3. Click here for the top Snæfellsnes Peninsula day trip in Iceland.

  4. Click here for the top Southern Iceland day trip in Iceland.

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