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A Summer Finale - Written By: @DapperProfessional

As the summer season comes to an end, I thought it was only fair to pay my respects to one of my favorite ties this year. This Harrison Blake Apparel, floral print, cotton tie.

Before this year, I never really explored tie fabrics and strictly wore 100% silk ties. I found this company on Instagram at the beginning of the year and thought I would give them a try! The cotton tie is a little less formal and this print certainly adds some 'fun' to the outfit. They have a really strong following and most of it is grassroots marketing.

I am now a fully supporter of the cotton tie. They are a seriously easy way to mix it up and add some diversity to the wardrobe! Of course, there are other patterns out there if this isn't your first choice.

The Harrison Blake Apparel lapel pin and pocket square round out the details of this style giving this suit an extra edge.

Giveaway forthcoming this week!

Pocket Square: Harrison Blake Apparel

Suit: Hugo Boss

Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt

Socks: Unsimply Stitched

Shoes: Cole Haan

@DapperProfessional wrote, photographed and produced this post exclusively for:

Twitter: @DapperProfesh


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