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My New Double Monk Straps - Written by: @DapperProfessional

I was fortunate to be connected with the owner of Dursen Shoes (www.DURSENSHOES.COM IG: @DURSENSHOES) through another fellow Instagrammer, and I was immediately captivated. Free shipping, free returns, great quality and stylish products, it’s hard to go wrong.

The owner, Sebastian, has been a supporter of the features on DapperProfessional, so it was awesome to have the opportunity to collaborate with him and his company. Sebastian personifies the Dapper Professional. He genuinely cares about providing the best to there is to offer at a very attractive price point.

Typically, I have actually stayed away from this price point of dress shoes because of some experiences I have had in the past. Generally speaking, leather quality is an issue at this price and it tends not to ‘breath’ as well (aka makes the feet sweat). I am happy to report that this is definitely not the case with Dursen Shoes.

For our collaboration, I selected the dapper Zander double monks. I have been in the market for this style of shoe for quite some time. I was drawn to the sleek, rubber sole on this shoe. It allows for excellent wear in the fall (especially rainy days and the beginnings of winter).

I have been wearing these shoes for about a month now, and they have broken in nicely. I have spent many 12 hour days in them, and they never disappoint in terms of comfort or appearance. I took the photo below this week!

From a comparison standpoint, I would certainly rank these shoes above similar ones at the same price point. The quality is absolutely worth the price.

Concerned about the shoe not fitting? Thankfully, they have free shipping and free returns. I actually had to exchange sizes myself, and found the process to be very quick and easy.

A dust bag and shoe horn is included with the shoes, which is a nice touch, rarely seen at this price point.

I would not work with a brand that I would not be proud to share with you! L

et me know if you have questions or feel free to reach out directly to Sebastian (

PS: There are no special links where anyone is making a commission or anything like that. This was a collaboration with a brand and owner that I really respect. I enjoy working with brands and helping them to their unique stories!

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