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The November Box - Written By: @DapperProfessional

Harrison Blake Apparel's November subscription box was the package that just kept on giving awesome things! I think I'm a little biased though because the navy blue and red color combination is one of my favorites.

The horizontal stripe knit tie is a great base that stands out just the right amount. The red outlining on the pocket square is the subtle touch of detail needed to round out the lapel pin, anchor tie bar and anchor bracelet.

Metal collar stays with the optional magnet for those spread color and no tie shirt days was a great touch.

I had to go with my brand new blue leather strap for my vintage Waltham mechanical timepiece. How to get these six products with barely any effort? Check out Harrison Blake Apparel by clicking here:

I am not affiliated with Harrison Blake Apparel nor does that link provide commission or anything like that. Check them out for great deals on great products!​​

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