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Father's Day Gift Guide!

Happy almost Father's Day to all of you awesome dads out there! I have put together a very simple Father's Day Gift Guide with products ranging from super affordable to slightly more expensive. I personally own all the these products and I have hand selected them based on what I thought would be the best variety for you to choose from!

There are two categories: Overall Affordable Products and Featured Dad Brand. I took all the photographs below. Here we go!

Overall Affordable Products:

  1. Stolen Riches colorful shoe laces - $17.50. Add a subtle hint of color to your Dad's potentially boring shoes.

  2. Vybe Socks - $29.99 5-Pack. Yep, Amazon Prime is amazing and so are these socks.

  3. Bows-N-Ties summer tie - $39.90. This light blue madras plaid skinny tie is a personal favorite of mine. 50% cotton / 50% silk - top notch quality.

  4. Fulton and Roark solid cologne - $52.00. Solid cologne? Why haven't I found this sooner! This is a must for an on-the-go Dad!

  5. Heart & Square pocket square - $55.00. This super high quality pocket square is reversible and you are helping an amazing cause with every purchase.

  6. DSTLD chino shorts - $55.00. Help Dad look extra stylish this summer with these slim fit chino shorts.

Featured Dad Brand: Allen Edmonds

  1. Shoe trees - $26.95. Help Dad preserve his shoes! Cedar shoe trees are necessary for any quality pair of shoes.

  2. Leather Shoe Care Kit - $95.00. Does Dad care for his own shoes? Help him out!

  3. Executive Billfold Wallet - $100.00. When was the last time Dad got a new wallet?

  4. Dupont Ave Dress Belt - $120.00. Just look at the details on this belt!

  5. Chicago Transit Token Cufflinks - $150.00. There was no way I could leave Chicago out of this list. These are the highest quality cufflinks I might ever own. Dad will love them!

  6. Lake Forest Penny Loafers - $395.00. Shoes that will last Dad a decade and in a color that will stand out just the right amount (Oxblood color).

I hope you enjoyed this simple guide! I wanted to make this guide about the products and not my review of each and everyone of them. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me!

I have added the direct links for your convenience.

IG: @DapperProfessional

Twitter: @DapperProfesh

Facebook: Dapper Professional (Click Here)

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