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Graduation - Another Style Debate


Graduations! An opportunity to congratulate and celebrate someone else's accomplishments! They are also an opportunity to showcase some great style!

I faced an interesting dilemma at my sister’s recent graduation. It was 100 degrees and humid at the stadium and we were going to be out all day after the actual ceremony. So, what do you do? Do you go traditional and wear pants, a shirt, tie and jacket or do you wear something more comfortable? Does not wearing the traditional combinations make it less respectable to those graduating? These are all questions I asked myself (and my family) as we were preparing for the graduation. I had to come well prepared since I was flying in and out. I even went out and bought some awesome new white pants just for the graduation!

Below is the layout of the outfit that I had planned to wear weather permitting. I actually was going to go jacket-less and tie-less. (On a complete side note, these Related Garments boxers and socks are super awesome and some of the most comfortable boxers I have even worn).


What I ended up wearing is the picture from the top of this post. The final decision to be less conservative wasn’t an easy one, but I ultimately chose comfort (and didn’t sacrifice style). Short sleeve button downs are a favorite of mine. I think they are a step above polo/golf shirts and a step right below long sleeve button downs. I even went as far as wearing these awesome DSTLD slim fit chino shorts (which made it into my father’s day gift guide, click here).

This is a personal opinion, but I didn’t feel like it was any less respectable given the heat on that morning. There were people dressed in suits and there were people dressed in t shirts. I’ve learned more and more (especially since having this website and Instagram account) that wearing what you feel comfortable in is what is most important (as long as it fits right haha).

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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