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Top Instagram Post: Week Ending August 6th


It was a close call this week with the top post just inching ahead of the runner up (1,700+ likes). The top post deserves this spot though which features a custom shirt from and a stand out tie from Blow-Ties. I had a work event in the evening and wanted a combination that could stand alone without a blazer. It was 90+ degrees in Chicago and we were going to be outside in the evening. The white club collar and white regular cuffs are more casual than the traditional white french cuffs and spread collar.

The pants are Duckie Brown houndstoothpattern pants from Nordstrom that I had a custom tapered and two inch cuff added. I knew that this combination was going to be a bit out there so I went with classic gray socks from Boardroom Socks. I try to be mindful and not go to over-the-top with any single outfit.

These are held up by the awesome, no-hole Anson Belt. The best part is the minimalist buckle that keeps it dressy enough to wear into the office.



The close runner up is a collage shot with this awesome Bows-N-Ties tie. Coupled with a Daniel Wellington watch and a gray suit, it's hard to go wrong.


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