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Fall Colors in Chicago – Almost!


As my first summer in Chicago sadly is coming to a close, I’m remaining optimistic and looking forward to laying up this fall! The summer here was filled with a lot of rooftop pools and bars, wondering around the city, shopping, hanging with friends, and getting to the beach! It’s an absolutely must to visit Chicago in the summer (I think I might put together a list shortly).

Although there is no chance I pack away the bright colors in fall, I will certainly start introducing some of my favorite fall items and begin to layer as it gets colder (and windy)!

For this shoot I decided to pair this fully custom, burgundy, Tailor 4 Less blazer with the bright, and bold David Fin tie. I’m also wearing a custom Tailor 4 Less shirt, Super Duper socks and Persol Sunglasses. I’m carrying my new favorite bag from Lyne Leather and rocking an Anson Belt.

I really wanted to walk the line between summer and fall by pairing the summer paisley tie with the fall blazer. The quality of David Fin ties is absolutely worth the price point and I can’t say enough positive things about Tailor 4 Less. Their customer service is very responsive and their price point is very reasonable given the quality products (no it’s not the quality of Oliver Wicks, but it’s also a lower price point).

For this blazer, I continued with my wide peak lapel obsession. Peak lapels are just starting to hit ‘main stream’ and I’ve seen some wide peaks mixed in as well. Surprisingly, I went with an unlined blazer for fall since I can then layer it easier without getting too hot. My favorite aspect of custom blazers is the contrast color thread on the boutonniere and the sleeve buttons. And of course, they are fully functional.

The Lyne Leather brief is truly top notch as well. I am so relieved to not be lugging my Tumi briefcase around Chicago when I’m in town. Lyne Leather is a stunning Australian company and I would highly recommend them to anyone searching for a standout bag that you can’t buy in a department store (aka – you won’t cross paths with someone with the same bag in your city)!





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