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Week Recap: 12/11/16

I was mixing and matching patterns all week, so I decided to tone it down a little for Friday!

I had an amazing opportunity this weekend for a custom suit fitting with Senszio Bespoke Suits. More to come on that collaboration!

Friday's look featuring:

Blazer: Jachs NYC

Brief: MyWalit

Shoes: John Doe Shoes

Belt: Anson

Watch: AVI-8 Automatic

Socks: Pair of Thieves

Monday's look featuring:

Suit: Michael Kors

Pocket Square: Wurkin Stiffs

Shoes: Cole Haan

Belt: Anson

Watch: Tissot Powermatic 80

Socks: Southern Scholar

Turtle Tie Tuesday:

Blazer: Banana Republic

Tie: J. Crew

Pocket Square: Brooks Brothers

Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt

Belt: Anson

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Socks: Unsimply Stitched


Tie: Royal Stripes

Cufflinks: Royal Stripes

Pocket Square: Kiriko


Tie: Bows n Ties

Pocket Square: Kiriko

Belt: Anson

Watch: Daniel Wellington


Sweater: Kiriko

Shoes: Shoeology


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