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Casual Attire Re-Imagined (Featuring: Baldessarini)

I’m excited to bring you a unique look that was completely inspired by Baldessarini Autumn Winter 17-18 collection! My goal of creating this look was to re-imagine the traditional casual attire. I wanted to challenge myself to think different and bring you a look you’ve never seen me style before. How’d I do?

I feel like I stole this look right off of a runway model (which I kind of did), but it’s such an effortless look to pull off that works in a variety of occasions! The real standout piece here is the beautiful leather jacket. This masterfully crafted jacket was designed with every detail in mind. The fit, the quality, the color, the lapel– everything is spot on. I’ve paired the jacket with a turtleneck that complements the simplicity of the look while providing a subtle hint of color. The earth tone color of the entire style does not prevent this look from standing out! The leather gloves from Baldessarini will certainly help me stay warm the rest of this winter in Chicago!

Wearability and versatility are always critical components when selecting quality pieces for your wardrobe. The leather jacket will get a lot of wear through the winter and fall and I plan on owning this for a very long time. There is a removable liner which is a nice bonus detail since I’ll be able to wear this for the cool spring / summer evenings. The turtleneck certainly stand on its own with just a pair of denim, or it can be worn under a suit for a casual Friday.

Baldessarini is an international premium brand based out of Germany that I would define as ‘affordable luxury’. Browsing the Baldessarini selection on their website was an inspiring way to create an entirely new look from just three new items! Baldessarini will be making their US debut at the Vanguards Gallary at the MRket show and Fashion Week in NYC.


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