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Tie or No Tie (5 Reasons for Each)


As nicer weather is fast approaching in the mid-west, the yearly debate of tie vs. no tie becomes front and center. Let’s break this down, as simple as it gets. Five reasons to wear a tie this spring / summer:

  1. It’s a job requirement.

  2. To impress the coworkers with an awesome, slim, and stylish (insert one of the following: linen / cotton / vibrant / floral) tie.

  3. Silk knit ties are generally more casual and look great in bright colors!

  4. It’s a Friday and instead of wearing khaki’s and a polo shirt 2 sizes too large, you decide to wear great fitting jeans and a slim fit shirt with your sleeves rolled up, unbuttoned top button and a loosened tie.

  5. Why not change it up for a dinner date and rock a tie!

Five reasons not to wear a tie this spring / summer:

  1. The only ties you have are 3.5 inch ties from the 90’s.

  2. The only ties you own are polyester.

  3. You wear a t shirt to work every day.

  4. You don’t wear a shirt to work every day (lifeguard maybe?).

  5. You dress shirt top button is too small and literally can’t be buttoned.


See what I’m getting at here? I probably won’t be wearing a tie every work day this spring / summer, but there are definitely fun ways to incorporate ties into your wardrobe. They certainly stand out more in today’s casual world, so make sure it’s the perfect tie!

Here are some recent examples from my @DapperProfessional Instagram page and others:





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