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Early Spring Style - 5 Examples

Ah yes, the long awaiting spring style! The winter wasn’t too bad in Chicago, but the layering season is now behind us…so bring out the colors! It’s always about striking the right balance when incorporating spring colors into the wardrobe. This approach is similar to my philosophy with pattern matching – you want to make sure the outfit is bolder, but still classy!

An easy way to achieve this is to include 1 standout piece in our outfit. By incorporating only 1 staple piece you’re taking a conservative approach, which will hopefully help prevent you from second guessing if it’s a good idea or not. As with all outfits, especially when they are ‘bolder’ and more colorful, you want to make sure the fit is proper.

Here are 5 recent examples, with a brief explanation, of my spring attire:

1.Burgundy blazer – Burgundy blazer is paired with a solid blue shirt and a solid color tie. The casual button down shirt with a short collar goes well with a slim tie.


2.Green blazer – Green is toned down with a solid color, denim blue shirt.

3.Light wash denim – Casual look, and I wanted this Mugsy brand light wash denim to stand out. Their light wash denim is perfect for spring / summer. Paired with a white shirt, bomber jacket and white tennis shoes.


4.Suede jacket – Beautiful suede moto jacket doesn’t need much to help it stand out. Paired with Mugsy denim and a white button down shirt, this instantly becomes a classic.

5.Pushing the boundaries – Well I almost followed my own advice. Royal blue blazer, red gingham plaid shirt, and a marine blue silk knit tie. I went with two bold solid colors and one bold pattern color.

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