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My Summer Suit (Featuring Tailor Store)

Three reasons to own a linen suit:

  1. Linen is the coolest fabric for hot weather

  2. Linen looks great even when it’s wrinkled

  3. Linen is considered more casual, therefore more versatile

As summer was quickly approaching, I was really looking forward to adding a linen suit to my wardrobe. I had previously ordered a shirt from Tailor Store, and I thought they would be a great company to try out a custom linen suit. Tailor Store produces their clothes in a Sri Lanka factory that is owned by Tailor Store, which is great news from a quality control and fair labor practices perspective.

Purchasing custom garments online from Tailor Store was a very seamless process. Their guides and customer service is a great addition to their very intuitive website. The customization options and the quality of the product certainly surpassed my expectations given the very fair price points of their products.

The suit was spot on with very minimal tailoring required. Anytime you are planning to order a customer garment, there will most likely need some tweaks to get it perfect. That’s where it is imperative to be working with a company that offers high-quality customer service. Tailor Store was very responsive and helped the process go smooth.

The options are essentially endless when you’re customizing your garments. The process is super fun, although it might be overwhelming if it’s your first order. Just reach out if you need assistance!


I am always asked about the options that I select for my suits, so below are all of the details of this order:


Fabric: Alsace, blue

Jacket model: Skinny

Lining: Kilkee

Buttons: Burgos, light brown

Button hole thread: Wine

Suit jacket:

Flap: Yes

Pocket type: Slanted

Ticket pocket: Yes

Lapel: Peak

Lapel stitch: Yes

Stitching: Dusk blue

Vent: Double vent

Sleeve contrast button: Burgos, light brown

Button thread, sleeve: Wine

Contrast Neck felt: Skye, red

Suit trousers:

Buttoning: Hidden

Pockets: Straight

Back pocket design: Buttoned

Back pocket: Right

Waistband: Blue

Pocket lining: Blue

Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions!





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