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Allen Edmonds Weatherproof Boots: Surrey Chelsea & Vancouver

Dapper Professional wearing the Surrey Chelsea Boot

It's always an exciting time of year when the air becomes crisp, the leaves start changing colors, and (most importantly) we can begin layering! Layering is definitely a staple for the fall months as the temperature begins to drop and we start seeing our breath when we walk outside in the morning. However, the beautiful changing of the seasons comes with the harsh reality of rain, snow and slush.

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Essential to the fall and winter seasons is a pair of boots that you can trust through the harsh conditions. Allen Edmonds has you covered. They recently launched their Weatherproof boot collection that is produced with the same high quality standards as all their shoes. AE summarizes the features best on their site: "[they are] . . . built to take on the elements with a water-resistant leather upper, taped seams, a split reverse welt to better keep out moisture, a breathable waterproof membrane lining and an all-weather sole." The interior wool lining is perfect for keeping your feet warm, but they won’t get too hot!

My favorite pairs in the Weatherproof collection are the two that I choose to style for you: the Vancouver Boot (click here) and Surrey Chelsea Boot (click here).

I am very cautious with all of my Allen Edmonds shoes because of the investment any person makes when they purchase a pair, but I know these boots are meant for any weather condition that Mother Nature throws our way and that they can take a beating.

The Surrey Chelsea Boot

The Surrey Chelsea boot (in tan suede) is a great boot for a variety of occasions. First and foremost, they are constructed with a weatherproof suede, so you can finally wear a pair of suede boots without having to worry about them getting wet! I also like this boot because it is nice enough to wear to the office on days when it is gross outside, but also casual enough to rock with a pair of denim on the weekend. For this styling, I wanted to showcase my casual Friday attire and this boot is perfect. I choose to pair the boots with a denim blue shirt and a gray, wool skinny tie. I am wearing a pair of winter wool pants with a unique texture and color. The suede color of the boots pairs perfectly with a camel top coat. Click here for the Surrey.

Allen Edmonds Surrey Chelsea boot
Allen Edmonds Surrey Chelsea boots

The Vancouver Boot

The Vancouver boot (in tan leather) is more of a traditional winter boot, yet still nice enough to wear for endless occasions without looking like a work boot. I am styling this boot for my general ‘out-and-about’ look in Chicago. It’s the perfect outfit to transition from running errands during the day to being out-and-about in the evening for dinner and drinks. The look falls into the ‘upper-casual’ category that I really enjoy wearing on the weekends. With the right fitting clothes, even a pair of boots can look perfect for an evening out or just trekking through awful weather. Click here for the Vancouver.

Allen Edmonds Vancouver Boot
Allen Edmonds Vancouver Boot
Allen Edmonds Vancouver Boot

The Vancouver boot was my boot of choice when I went to Iceland at the end of 2017 for a couple of weeks. They held up great and withstood some extreme conditions. I wore thick socks, but my feet were always worn. I was actually taking some pictures of the black sand beaches in single digit weather and a wave caught my by surprise up to my knees. The boots shockingly dried really quick because of the wool lining and I was good to go a couple hours later (I was on a bus while they were drying). Click here to check out my Iceland guide!

Dapper Professional Allen Edmonds Vancouver Boot

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This post has been sponsored by Allen Edmonds and I want to thank them for their continued support of Dapper Professional. It is always an honor to work with a personal favorite brand that I have followed, purchased from, and promote passionately to family, friends, followers and anyone else.

Allen Edmonds Surrey Chelsea
Allen Edmonds Surrey Chelsea
Allen Edmonds Surrey Chelsea


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