Allen Edmonds Rediscover America Sale

The Allen Edmonds Rediscover America sale is one of the best Allen Edmonds sales every year. If you are waiting for the perfect time to buy a paier of AE's, then wait no longer! The Rediscover America Sale is Allen Edmonds' way of honoring 95 years of American craftsmanship. AE uses the same 212 step process to produce their shoes today that was used nearly a century ago when they opened their first store in Wisconsin. Many of AE's best selling shoes will feature savings of up to $150! The sale will be in retail stores and online through October 24th. (Click here for the sale home page)

In this article I feature my top selections from this sale and highlight the reasons why. Summary: Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue (click here) - Original Price: $395.00. Sale Price: $245.00 Allen Edmonds Strandmok (click here) - Original Price: $295.00. Sale Price: $195.00 Allen Edmonds McAllister (click here) - Original Price: $395.00. Sale Price: $245.00 Allen Edmonds Arezzo (click here) - Original Price: $350.00. Sale Price: $250.00 Allen Edmonds Multipocket Briefcase (click here) - Original Price: $695.00. Sale Price: $486.5

Details: Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue shoe is best summarized by quoting AE: "subtle sophistication". I talk about being "bold, yet subtle" a lot when I try to describe my own personal style, but bold might not be for everyone. The AE Fifth Avenue defines the line between classic and trendy. I recommend this shoe a lot to consumers who are in between a plain toe shoe and a wingtip shoe. The Fifth Avenue is offered with two sole options: leather or Dainite Rubber. I personally style this pair of shoes with a well tailored suit and tie.

Allen Edmonds Strandmok is one of my personal favorites. I have talked about this shoe countless times and will continue to since it's that good. As sold, the shoe is casual with a lighter color sole. However, there is the option to customize the sole to the black Dainite rubber (which is what I did with my pair). The black sole makes it more appropriate for everyday wear to the office in dressier environments. This would be my top pick for any professional working in a casual environment and is not willing to sacrifice style or quality. The shoe is also the perfect statement shoe for a dressy environment on casual days (e.g. Friday's) and a weekend go-to. I personally style this pair of shoes with denim, shirt, tie and an optional blazer. The Strandmok comes standard with the Dainite rubber sole.

Allen Edmonds McAllister is my wingtip of choice. This wingtip stands out from the competition because of the detailing and the quality of the leather. On most wingtips you just see the details etched on or light overlaps of leather. With the McAllister, there is a BOLD overlap of the leather and it screams quality. I wouldn't settle for anything but the best when it comes to purchasing wingtip shoes. I personally style this shoe with a well fitting suit and tie. If you're going to rock a statement shoe, that suit better fit on point. The McAllister is offered with two sole options: leather and Dainite Rubber.

Allen Edmonds Arezzo is a classic bit loafer that will withstand the test of time. I personally like the streamline look of the loafer and the rubber sole for all weather conditions. Your bit loafers will always be well complemented. I style this loafer with a pair of denim and a polo to achieve that 'upper-casual' look.

Allen Edmonds Multipocket Briefcase is the newest addition to my collection and I already know it's a wardrobe staple. The design of this briefcase is perfect, containing all the right pocket functionality, maximizing space, while maintaining a compact look. The quality of the pebble leather is top notch and being made in the U.S. is an added bonus. I know this briefcase will look even better in 50 years and that's why you shouldn't wait to purchase your own! I style this briefcase with anything and everything I'm wearing that day for work.

This post has been sponsored by Allen Edmonds and I want to thank them for their continued support of Dapper Professional. It is always an honor to work with a personal favorite brand that I have followed, purchased from, and promote passionately to family, friends, followers and anyone else.

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