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Bavette's Review


Since moving to Chicago a year and a half ago, I have been hearing from my friends that I need to go to Bavette's. Bavette's typically comes up in dining conversations when the best steakhouses in Chicago are being discussed. Although everything on the menu looks amazing, I’d definitely recommend a steak and a selection of appetizers and sides, which is exactly what we ordered.

Bavette's has a very interesting BYOB policy that is not very well-known, and it applies to the entire Hog Salt restaurant group. They bring an extra wine glass to your table and you have to share one glass of wine with another dining customer of your choice, or you can opt to have the restaurant choose someone. You can select any patron you wish, which makes it even more fun!

Why Eat Here?

The ambiance and decor at Bavette's is unique. Its dimly lit dining room features chandeliers, candle-lit tables, exposed brick and dark wood walls, wooden table tops, and lush leather booths. It makes you feel like you are in a 1920's speakeasy, and it sets the tone for a fantastic dining experience.

My two friends, girlfriend, and I shared the baked goat cheese appetizer, smoked trout Caesar salad, bone-in filet, steak frites, elote style corn, and truffle mac & cheese. Everything was phenomenal, however our bone-in filet came very rare after we specified that we wanted it cooked "medium plus." We sent it back to get cooked more, and it came back perfect. Despite not coming out the way we wanted it the first time, the steak redeemed itself. The bone added a depth of flavor that a non-bone-in filet normally doesn't have, and a perfect charred crust sealed in all of the flavor and juice. If you love mac and cheese (or just cheese in general) then the truffle mac & cheese side is a perfect complement.




For this dining experience, I decided to go with a tucked-in polka dotted button down shirt, slim fitting denim, a suede jacket and a floral tie. The floral tie initially started out as a joke because my girlfriend was wearing a floral shirt, and I said to her: “Hey, I have a tie that matches your shirt perfectly." I put it on before dinner for a few pictures and then decided to keep it on! I kept the top button unbuttoned to keep the look slightly more casual.


Suede jacket, shirt and chinos: Nifty Genius

Shoes: Thursday Boots


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