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Coddi Boots Review

It’s that time of year again! The sun starts to set a little earlier, the temperature begins to drop and you can now officially start to think about transitioning to your favorite fall wardrobe items! Getting to bring out all my boots from storage is one of the best parts about the transition.

If you’ve been following my Instagram for any period of time (@DapperProfessional) or even a frequent visitor to my website, you know my style is generally all business professional. I do really enjoy integrating boots into my professional attire, but mostly into my upper-casual style. So, yes, my boot collection is filled with cap toe and wingtip boots that can be dressed up for the office if needed or worn to dinner (in a non-covid world).

However, and this is a big however, there is one pair of boots that have met a need that I didn’t even know I had until I came across this incredible company, Coddi Boots. These are the most comfortable, durable and unique pair of boots that I own. The style is definitely more adventurous, but what I love about the look is the uniqueness. And, more importantly, the comfort is unmatched.

Close up photo of the Polaris Midnight Black Boot by Coddi

In short, I highly recommend a pair of Coddi Boots to build out the versatility of the boots in your closet and, while they might not work in the boardroom, they will absolutely get worn for almost every other occasion.

The article below discusses:

  • First impressions of the Coddi Boots

  • Quality, fit and comfort of Coddi Boots

  • Wearing and styling Coddi Boots

  • Supporting the incredible founder of Coddi Boots

First Impressions of the Coddi Boots

While I really like the four colors currently offered in Coddi Boots, I had to go with the Midnight Black Coddi Boots. For my personal style, I knew I would get the most versatility out of the Midnight Black boots since it’s black on black and would work well with denim, which I tend to wear all fall and winter long.

Here is a screenshot from their website:

Polaris Boots by Coddi in Midnight Black

Even the box is high-quality! Seriously, just take a moment before you rip into them to admire the construction of the shoe box and I’d highly recommend keeping it to store these boots in while they aren’t being used (e.g. during the summer). The additional marketing inserts are really nice as well and I even received a handwritten note from the owner, which is a great touch!

Coddi Boot unboxing with the boots still in the box

Taking them out of the box I was first super impressed by how lightweight these boots actually are. Their website states 18.4 ounces, but I didn’t really know how light that was until I took them out of the box and they are noticeably lighter than my other boots. I was surprised by this at first considering by looking at the pictures on their website you would think the boot would be heavier.

When I first pick up a boot or shoe I give it a 360 degree ‘once-over’ where I’m just turning the boot/shoe over in my hands observing the small details and how they compare to what I thought they would be when I purchased the boot online. First impression: this is a serious boot. Every detail on this boot is top-notch, from the leather upper to the incredible tread on the sole and even the superior comfort of the insole.

Quality, Fit and Comfort of Coddi Boots

I would definitely put myself into the ‘boot snob’ category which I think is fair to say having over 40 pairs of boots in my wardrobe. While this is a totally different style than the majority of the boots I own, the quality of the Coddi Boots holds its own. The leather upper is high quality full-grain leather that will get better with time, the metal tip laces, metal eyelets and a lot of other technical details all come together flawlessly. You can feel the quality.

Close up photo of the tread of Coddi Boots

As far as fit goes, the boot fit great right out of the box! You can tell it’s a little stiff when you’re trying them on and and walking around to ensure the fit, but that loosens over time. To provide some more guidance on sizing, I wear a 10.5 gym shoe and generally wear a 10 dress shoe. I ordered a size 10.5 and they fit great! I have had to order my dress shoe size for other boot companies, but for Coddi it was more aligned with my gym shoe size. Just to be clear, I wear a 10.5 US gym shoe and the 10.5 Coddi Boots fits great.

A combination of being super lightweight, the tread and the insole make this boot one of the most comfortable boots I’ve worn. Your foot fits perfectly in a really nice insole and each step is nicely absorbed by the boot rather than your knees.

An added benefit is the ease of taking them on and off because of the dual-side zippers, which I didn’t really think about before these boots since I’ve never owned boots with dual-side zippers. It’s great to be able to just zip up and down the zippers to take this on and off compared to having to tie and untie the laces all the time. This is especially helpful in extreme weather when your hands are freezing and you don’t feel like taking your gloves off!

Dapper Professional wearing Coddi Polaris Midnight Black boots with a parka holding coffee

Wearing and Styling Coddi Boots

I mentioned this above, but at first I hesitated with the style of these boots since it was a bit out of my regular comfort zone when it comes to boots, but the more I thought about it the more I embraced and enjoyed the fact this pair of boots is different than all my other pairs of boots. Moreover, because of the comfort, I found myself grabbing these boots all fall and winter long for occasions ranging from just walking around town to going out to dinner at night. I’ve even styled them with jeans and a blazer!

Living in downtown Chicago, once fall comes around I always keep a pair of boots by the door. I often make quick trips out of the apartment for groceries, coffee, etc. or even commuting to the office. These boots quickly replaced the other pair I used to keep by the door. Whether it was a mile walk into the office when it’s raining or snowing, or a quick trip to the grocery store, I found myself frequently wearing the midnight black Coddi Boots.

Dapper Professional wearing Coddi boots, a sweater and a parka

For casual trips out during the day, I’m either wearing joggers or denim and my winter parka and wearing these boots are effortless. One item to note is that if you’re wearing joggers or tighter denim that doesn’t go over the top of the shoe, then you will hear the zippers as you walk.

If I’m wearing these boots out at night for dinner or drinks, then I make sure to match the rest of my outfit to the ‘theme’ of the boots. So, for example, I’ll wear dark blue denim with a black button down shirt or a black sweater, so the entire look is the same color palette.

Dapper Professional wearing Coddi Polaris Midnight Black boots with a leather bomber and black denim

When I was heading out to dinner recently, I followed the guidance above on wearing a similar color palette to match the shoes, which was a monochromatic look featuring the color black. I knew I wanted to dress these shoes up for dinner since we would be sitting outside in cooler weather. So, I wore the black Coddi boots, black denim, a black jacket, a gray scarf and a gray flannel Vandre hat.

Dapper Professional wearing Coddi boots styled with a Vandre flannel baseball hat.
Close up picture of Dapper Professional styling Coddi boots.

Supporting the incredible founder of Coddi Boots

The owner of Coddi, Matthew Walters, used to work at Under Armour designing footwear. He left his dream job in 2017 to follow his passion of creating his own boot company. And he did! He crushed his Kickstarter goal of $30,000, raising over $60,000 when Coddi first launched (click here to see the campaign page). He’s also a very talented product designer and engineer which is showcased through the boots and the packaging.

One year ago, he shared the details related to quitting his job and starting Coddi, which can be found on reddit by clicking here. It’s a really incredible story if you’re looking for some inspiration!

Also, it’s a Chicago-based company and I love supporting and sharing Chicago fashion companies since my midwest city never gets enough credit compared to the LA and NY companies!

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for a unique boot that can work for walking around a city, suburb or trail, then the Coddi Boots is the right boot for you. The price is very reasonable for the superior quality and the comfort will have you wearing these for all occasions!

As always, reach out if you have any questions, click here for my contact!

I did receive these boots for no cost, however this is NOT a sponsored post. I was NOT paid to write this post and I’m NOT paid on any sales or link clicks.


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