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Branch Out! Featuring Tailor Store

Fall/Winter provides some of the best opportunities to layer without ever having to worry about being too hot! I wanted to branch out this layering season and embrace a color that is not typically standard to our wardrobes: forest green. I'll jump ahead and just let you know my conclusion: I'm hooked on this color. These four new essentials helped me elevate my wardrobe. All four pieces work just as well together as they work separately.

I have been working with Tailor Store for almost a year and they consistently offer some of the highest quality products for the best available price. I challenged myself to create endless combinations with just four items from Tailor Store.

Fall Jacket (trench coat): Tailor Store offers customized jackets ranging in colors from tan to blue with the option to fully customize to your exact measurements. I personally love these types of jackets because they can easily be worn with a shirt and tie for work or a t-shirt on the weekends. It's time to upgrade from that old pullover you've been wearing.

Fall suit: Tailor store offers customized suits for a price that you would probably pay for a blazer at any nice department store. The quality is superb and the fact it is completely customized makes it a way better option. When you're purchasing a fall suit, try and think of it as purchasing a blazer with the option to wear the pieces separately or as a suit.

The full suit can easily be worn to any serious work meeting if your work requires you to wear suits. The suit jacket should become your go-to fall 'blazer' for any occasion. Think beyond just shirt and tie since it can be paired with a t-shirt, sweater or an open-collar button down. The slacks can and should be worn separately as well. Wear those with just a sweater or a t-shirt and the fall jacket mentioned above.

The shirt that I am including as my fourth item in the fall wardrobe essentials follows a similar pattern as I mentioned above. The lightly polka dotted, white, extreme spread collar shirt can be worn with a shirt and tie or without a tie and slacks. The polka dots add a subtle casualness to the shirt that will stand out from any other traditional white shirt in your closet.

If you have any questions about these items or about Tailor Store please let me know and I would be happy to help!

This post is sponsored by Tailor Store, written and photographed by Dapper Professional. As always, I only partner and endorse companies that I genuinely value and am excited to share with you!

Tailor Store Blazer

Tailor Store Blazer

Tailor Store Suit


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