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Dapper Professional: A Professional Life Update

Dapper Professional wearing his fall burgundy blazer in Chicago

As a reminder for long-time followers and newcomers, Dapper Professional is NOT my full time job. Over the past 6+ years of running both @DapperProfessional on Instagram and, I have always maintained a full time job.

I graduated from Miami University Of Ohio with degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Upon graduating, and having had two previous internships in Corporate Finance at PNC Financial Services, I started full time in a niche industry within Corporate Finance called Treasury Management. After a couple years as an analyst covering Fortune 500 companies, I moved to Central, PA to cover my own territory and companies ranging in size from $30M to the several public companies in Central, PA. That’s actually where and when I started Dapper Professional, as I was relearning photography and diving deep into men’s fashion forums.

A Throwback to Graduation and My Awesome Bow Tie

After a couple years in Central, PA and learning under one of the top performing Executives (which was a main reason why I moved there in the first place), I pursued an opportunity to work in Consulting at Ernst and Young. Within my speciality in finance, Treasury Management, I joined the EY consulting practice. At that point, I moved to Chicago, but I was only there on the weekends. For the next two plus years I traveled nearly every week and sub-specialized in transactions, covering some of the nation’s top transactions at the time. Fortunately, I had another talented Manager at EY who I was being mentored by.

A lot of my older collage style photos were actually taken in hotel rooms where I would setup my camera on a small tripod, on the ironing board and a bunch of pillows! I would take photos super early in the morning and edit very late at night.

Dapper Professional photography setup

Since this isn’t a dissertation of my career, I’ll continue...

The past few years I’ve been working as a Partner at a Brand Planning and Customer Experience firm, focused on conducting customized research methodologies to help companies make the right decisions. It was an incredible opportunity to combine my passion for business, entrepreneurship and marketing. You learn a lot making the shift from major corporations to small businesses, in addition to a relentless focus on delivering superior insights to your clients.

Fast forward to right now and I’m continuing to build on all the professional skills I’ve learned and developed to join an exciting company based out of Chicago in the Pharmaceutical industry. Making career changes is never easy, but you have to evaluate each opportunity, constantly thinking ahead.

During my nights and weekends I’ll continue to work on Dapper Professional and your “likes”, comments and messages always help to keep me motivated!

I will have some really exciting news to share with you soon regarding a product I’ve been working on for the past several stay tuned! And remember to keep your side hustle going strong! Send me a DM on Instagram for $10.00 off when I launch and I'll be sure to send you a discount code. There will be no other discounts at this time.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you use it! Please add a note when you go to connect with me so I know to accept it (e.g. “Hey Dapper Professional, adding you!”).

Thank you for the continued support!


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