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Dapper Professional's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Dapper Professional's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Dapper Professional’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide includes premium gift ideas in every price range and every single category! Each product that has been selected for the guide are my personal favorites from this past year. I own all of the products in this guide and can personally vouch for them being the best gifts you could possible give! The guide is grouped into categories making this super straight-forward!

I challenged myself this year to provide only a few specific products in each category! I know shopping for someone can be overwhelming, so hopefully this will get you thinking of some very classic gifts to give! As always feel free to reach out if you have any questions…let’s get into it!

Categories for Dapper Professional APPROVED products in the post include the following:

  • Grooming

  • Skincare

  • Ties

  • Socks

  • Shirts

  • Luggage

  • Pants

  • Shoes

  • Boots

  • Outerwear


How cool is this, finally a company that has created an exceptional grooming kit that you will want to bring with you everywhere! The Gorilla Killa Date Mate Grooming Kit is my personal favorite since it includes clippers, tweezers and trimmer. These three products are essential to every man’s grooming kit and the leather pouch is the bonus that pulls this all together! For me, it’s the perfect way to travel to keep everything together. Giving this as a gift, is the classiest way to nudge the man receiving this gift to keep himself together!

I also think this is such an overlooked area when it comes to gift giving because who wants to receive nail clippers or tweezers in packaging from Walmart? No one. Also, I couldn’t think of the last time I bought new nail clippers or tweezers until I received my Date Mate Grooming kit and let me tell you, I was PUMPED.

Use code “DAPPER20” at checkout for 20% off!


Woah, am I talking about skincare? Yep! I finally found a company that’s worth talking about, Oars + Alps. They are taking the men’s skincare industry by storm right now and will be a household name soon! This company uses proper ingredients, leverages TSA friendly packaging and has created products that every man will realize that they need right away! I would go big for this gift and just get the ultimately holiday kit. It has everything any guy could ever want!

The Wakeup Eye Stick has seriously been a lifesaver recently with work in full swing and their face moisturizer is a must for the dry air of winter.


I have worn this stunning silk knit tie on countless occasions, it’s perfect to balance formal with casual. The great part about this tie is that whoever you are giving it to likely doesn’t have anything close to it in their wardrobe. It’ll make them happy to receive a tie that wasn’t grabbed on the way to checkout at some department store.

Here is one more tie that I love from It packs a powerful punch in a modern way. It will attract attention for all the right reasons.

I did a holiday style post last year with that might help you pick out some other gifts as well! Click here to check it out!

The Vitale Barberis tie collection from The Tie Bar was one of the best collaborations I have seen all year. Only $35 per tie with Vitale Barberis fabric is just insane. I would highly recommend any of the ties from the collection! The red and blue are my personal favorites, but that’s because those are my favorite colors! Give this tie to anyone and everyone!


Cooper and Jin

There is just something about a classic pack of socks from Cooper and Jin to go with a suit for a nice occasion. Don’t get me wrong, I still love fun socks, but I find myself reverting to the classics more and more recently. This is a great gift box for the classier gentleman.

Moving into the fun socks category, has you covered for gift giving. They offer a lot of options for packs, but “Keepin’ it classy” is my recommendation for this year’s gift! It has one of each pattern making it a very safe bet that’s not too crazy!

The Tie Bar

For a pack of nice winter socks, The Tie Bar has a great option! The texture and overall feel of the sock is fantastic while the colors are perfect for the fall and winter.



A Twillory dress shirt or casual shirt is the unique way to gift a shirt this year! The company is shaking up the shirt industry by producing high quality dress and casual shirts with great fabrics, details and FIT. I always enjoy supporting the up and coming brands and Twillory is here to stay!

I personally love their performance dress shirt and this white one has been one of my recent favorites. The individual receiving this gift will be blown away by the performance fabric that will have them wearing this shirt all the time.

I’d also recommend their Friday shirt collection which is unlike any shirt you have ever gifted before. It’s so soft you could literally sleep in it!


If you have followed me for any period of time on Instagram or my website, you’ll know that I’m always traveling (click here to check out my around the world section). I always have eBags products with me and if the individual receiving your gift likes to travel, then they should also! Here are the products that I use most frequently.

AND use code DAPPER30 at checkout to receive 30% off!!!


For the everyday carry-on the fortis hardside smart spinner is the bag to get. The charger, lock, expandable functionality, price and quality are all a no-reason brainer to buy this bag. I’ve put mine through a lot and it still looks brand new!


The eBags professional slim backpack is likely the most seen bag at the airport, and that’s for a good reason. It’s trim profile, pockets and features make this the perfect backpack for a business traveler!


If you don’t think they’ll like a backpack, but they still carry a ton of stuff with them on trips or in general, then the professional laptop briefcase is a must. I used this bag for more than a year with two laptops and way way way too much stuff.



I’m a Mugsy jeans and chino guy and since my recent job change, I practically wear a pair of Mugsy’s everyday now. They are the most comfortable pair of pants I own and I’m always recommending them to family and friends. Mugsy also has a great store in Chicago, so I’m slightly biased being in Chicago as well! I did a review quite some time ago that still holds true today (click here to check it out)! You can’t go wrong with giving a pair of studio blues! Everyone needs a pair of dark jeans, or several!

Use code “DAPPER” at checkout for $10 off any pair!


Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds has always been a top shoe brand that I’ve worn since I started working. Their price is beyond worth the quality! As a gift for today’s working man, I would recommend the dainite rubber sole products. I released a blog post some time ago on these (click here to check it out). My all-time favorite dainite rubber sole shoe is the stunning McAllister wingtip in dark chili. Be sure to read the blog post as to why dainite rubber soles are the best!

Paul Evans

Paul Evans is the new kid on the block, bringing Italian leather of super expensive shoes to the US at an affordable price. Their shoes will receive the most complements of any shoe your gift receiver owns, without a doubt. They are very comfortable and are the perfect pair of dress shoes if they are dressing to impress. The take about 3-4 months to get them in stock though, so be aware of this before buying!


Thursday Boot Company

Thursday Boot Company is always the product I recommend to friends and family looking for a great quality boot, that looks fantastic and is affordable. I have several pairs that I’ve been wearing for years and they hold up great! I personally love the wingtip boot because you can wear them when it’s raining or out on the weekends!

Suits / Blazers

Tailor Store

All about Tailor Store for suits, blazers and even shirts! Most of my blazers are custom blazers from Tailor Store and once the fit is nailed, the process is then super smooth! Their fabrics and customization options are endless, but this navy blue with a subtle plaid is my absolutely favorite. This is the Nantes fabric and it’s definitely brighter in person, not navy. For giving this as a gift, I would recommend buying a seamstress tape measure and putting it in a little box with a card explaining! Then, help them with their measurements to complete their profile!


If you’re looking for a unique outerwear item that’s super high quality then I would recommend checking out Nifty Genius. Their product price matches the quality, so don’t let this be a determining factor. They do a fantastic job with all their products, but their outerwear products are particularly stunning!

Original Penguin

From an affordability perspective, there are some fantastic sweaters from Original Penguin. I personally love this charcoal lambswool sweater. It’s a simple design, but the texture is what makes it! Their fit is a slimmer fit, but not too slim.

As always, contact me if you have any questions!


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