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eBay's New Authenticity Guarantee Service on Luxury Watches

Recently, eBay announced a very exciting new service for their luxury watches that impacts both the high-end collectors and people looking to make their first luxury watch purchase. The new service is called “eBay Authenticity Guarantee" where eBay’s third party experts authenticate all watches sold on eBay over $2,000. This service is free for buyers and sellers and eBay covers all the added costs of the authentication!

eBay's new authenticity guarantee service on luxury watches. No fakes. No fraud. No Doubt.

This is HUGE news! I am constantly browsing watches available on the top marketplaces and I have consistently monitored eBay for a number of years for my dream watch. I often find myself diving deep into researching the most active sellers, with the highest ratings and feedback on eBay. With Authenticity Guarantee, eBay is now personally taking on the responsibility for the authentication process and can certainly be trusted.

Authenticity Guarantee continues to emphasize eBay’s commitment to the luxury watch market and also their commitment to a seamless buying process for all consumers searching for luxury watches on eBay. I personally feel as if they are now ‘evening the playing field’ for all consumers to feel comfortable and confident when they buy a watch from eBay. The new service will also help the future resale value of the watch, since it’s been verified by a reputable source, eBay.

Just for some additional background, eBay is one of the largest luxury watch markets in the world, with over 2 million watches sold in 2019 and nearly 8 million watches sold in the past three years. About half of their watches are considered pre-owned inventory, which is where some incredible value on luxury watch brands can be found.

eBay's new authenticity guarantee service on luxury watches. Don't settle for any watch. Settle for the right one.

Dapper Professional and luxury watches

Wearing a luxury timepiece is so much more than the luxury watch maker or the model you choose. It’s about representing who you are and your personality which will be carried with you through decades and, in some cases, passed onto future generations. This very much aligns with the entire idea behind Dapper Professional and many reasons why people are inspired by and motivated by dressing well. Dressing well makes you feel better, instills confidence in others and allows you to have a first impression that’s memorable in both business and professional settings. In a similar way, wearing a luxury watch rounds out the entire essence of your wardrobe choices, but is the cornerstone of each outfit.

Just like my phone, wallet, keys and now a facemask, a watch is one thing I never leave the house without. Every Instagram photo I’ve posted and every photo on my website, I’m always wearing a watch and I always see myself wearing a watch in the future as well. Despite the smartwatches available on the market, the wristwatch will always be a timeless staple of my wardrobe.

Here are a couple of my favorite watches to search for on eBay with a focus on luxury watches under $5,000:

The details of how the eBay Authenticity Guarantee service works

  • Authenticity Guarantee Badge appears on watches over $2,000 on eBay that qualify for the service.

  • After purchasing a watch the seller sends the watch directly to a trusted third-party authentication partner.

  • The authenticator receives the watch and enters the watch into the system.

  • They meticulously verify every element of the purchased timepiece, check that the watch and collateral match the seller’s listing description, and complete a multi-point inspection to confirm its authenticity.

  • They provide a certificate of authenticity.

  • A tamper-proof security sticker is added to the watch.

  • The watch ships out to you via 2-day shipping with signature required

This website post is sponsored by eBay. For more information on the Authenticity Guarantee service, click here to visit eBay’s information page. This post does contain affiliate links.

eBay's new authenticity guarantee service on luxury watches. No fakes. No fraud. No Doubt.

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