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Folklore Review

I landed on a Friday from a 10 day vacation in Argentina (click here to read the full post), and my friend decided it would be a great idea to eat MORE Argentinian food on Sunday night. Needlesstosay, I extended my meat and potato consumption for just one more night.

Why Eat Here?

We were looking for an authentic Argentinian meal to share with our friends who couldn’t join us on the trip, and we found it. Everything from the menu to the décor reminded us of Buenos Aires. The food is very well priced and was on par with what we were eating while in Buenos Aires. The papa fritas (friend potatoes) were actually better than what we ate in Argentina!


It was a dreary Sunday evening in Chicago, so I went with a button down, sweater and a pair of nice sneakers.


Shirt: Shirt Mill

Shoes: Greats Sneakers

Sweater: Gap

Jeans: Mugsy

Lead image credit: Folklore Chicago Website


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