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Hockerty Custom Suit Review: Honest Opinion

Hockerty custom suiting

Hockerty custom clothing company provides endless options for suits, outerwear and much more for men and woman. I had the recent opportunity to work with Hockerty and test out their partnership with local tailors here in Chicago. Hockerty is an international company, but they offer a program to work on any tailoring with local tailors which was something I found to be really unique.

Summary of my experience:

  1. The quality of the suit is solid for the $300-$400 range

  2. There are a lot of customization options with an easy to use online interface for ordering

  3. The fabric selection is also really strong, but for the price do not expect superior quality fabrics

  4. The process was very lengthy from start to finish with a lot of challenges using the local tailoring option

  5. Communication with the team was okay at best for the remake and alterations that were required

  6. Their packaging was very disappointing and the suit came smashed in a tiny plastic mailing envelope

Hockerty custom suiting with a waistcoat

Selection and Customization Options Options

When considering purchasing a suit from Hockerty, I would focus on the wool blend fabrics or the linen fabrics as their pure wool fabrics at their premium price will put you above the $500 range. As for the actual fabric choices, I found they had a nice offering ranging from spring/summer weight fabrics (e.g. linen) to the fall/winter fabrics (flannels). The pattern and colors choices were also very plentiful.

The customization options were endless and allowed me to basically add any customization that I typically apply to my custom orders. This includes contrast threads, functional buttonholes, monogrammed inside pocket, peak lapels, etc.

The waistcoat option is also a great way to add a bit extra to your custom order. I get a lot of wear out of mixing and matching a suit waistcoat with denim or even just a dress shirt and slacks.

Online Interface

Overall, I was very pleased with their online interface for the selection and customization process. Each page was easy to scroll through and the features selected were applied to the image to assist with the selection. The zoom feature was a bit clunky, but it got the job done if you wanted to see a close up of the fabric.

From the fabric I selected online to the fabric I received, I would say the fabric was darker on the website and lighter when received in person.

Custom Fit

The measurement process was easy to follow and I did my best to follow the videos exactly as any other consumer would. The process seemed to go well and they had explanations each step of the way that were easy to follow.

This is where the process started to get super complicated for me. When I received the suit it really didn’t fit well. It was actually one of the worst first garments I have received from a custom suit company in quite some time. The jacket was oversized in many places and the pants were baggy beyond wear.

I participated in the option to work with a local tailor to do the adjustments which was about a 15 minute drive from my place. I figured this would actually be the easiest process since a trained expert could make the adjustments or send to Hockerty what needed to be done for the remake.

For starters, it took 3 weeks just to get an appointment with the tailor because they were so booked up for wedding season. Maybe that was just bad luck, so I remained optimistic and carried onward with the process.

When I arrived at the tailor shop, they were very diligent and completed the necessary form that Hockerty required to send back the changes. Then, Hockerty would assess if they were going to alter or remake the garment. There were some challenges with the form and a lot of notes had to be passed back and forth between Hockerty and the tailor. I ended up getting a handful of additional question from Hockerty that I had to reference the copy of the alteration form that I received to answer. This was a handwritten form that was scanned and submitted by the tailor.

Once it was determined that the remake would be processed, that took another several weeks to complete. So at this point, we’re already 6+ weeks into the process from start to finish which was challenging as a consumer. I also had several exchanges with the customer service team with some delays in between their responses and follow up.

On a positive note, when I received the remake items they fit spot on. There were no adjustments required and I actually felt as if the entire process paid off. I typically advise consumers with any of my custom suit reviews that the process will take time. In the case, it took even longer than I would have initially thought.


Their packaging is something that is really bad for a brand charging this much for a custom suit. The way they package their product is similar to as if I purchased a suit from H&M or Zara. I’m sure it’s better for the environment, but more likely it makes shipping much cheaper. At the very least, I would expect it to be in a slim garment box folded over nicely. See pictures below, so you aren’t surprised when your suit arrives like this.

Would I recommend Hockerty?

If you’re located in the United States, I would recommend testing Hockerty with a shirt or potentially even their outerwear prior to stepping into the custom suiting. I think this would give you an opportunity to work on your fit profile with them and get to know the brand a bit more. In the $400-$500 range there are other options worth considering.

If you’re located outside of the United States, from what I have been told and based on individuals that I have talked with, this is a really good option. They ship internationally and their speed to ship once everything is entered is on point with other brands.

From what I have gathered from others who have purchased from and worked with Hockerty, they had positive experiences and very little issues with the custom profile. Perhaps I just got unlucky or maybe I entered things incorrect, but I can only write about my actual experience.

Suiting Details

I typically find it helpful to share my customization options, so if you’re struggling to make your own selections, feel free to use the below as guidance.

Jacket Details:

Style: Single-breasted

Fit: Narrow

Length: Normal

Lapels: Peak

Lapel Width: Wide

Number of Buttons: 1

Breast Pocket: Yes

Jacket pockets: 2 pockets

Pocket style: Patched

Jacket bottom: casual

Cut: Side vents

Sleeve buttons: 3

Buttonholes: Functional

Pants Details:

Rise: Medium Rise

Pants bottom: Half break

Fit: Slim Fit

Pleats: Double Pleats

Backpocket: 1 back pocket

Pocket style: piped pocket with button

Cuffs: Pants Cuffs

Pockets: Diagonal Pocket

Pants Fastening: Off-centered

Vest Details:

Waistcoat: 3 piece suit

Style: Single Breasted

Edge: Diagonal

Number of Buttons: 4

Breast Pocket: Yes

Number of pockets: 2 pockets

Front Pockets: Welt Pockets

Lapels: Peak

Lapel Width: Standard



Material: 100% Linen

Season: Summer


As always, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

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Jan 22

Thank you for your honest review. Because I was short on time, your summary was very helpful. They lost my business on their choice of packaging and the fact that they use DHL to ship. (perhaps the worst tracking system ever created)


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