Holiday and New Years Style

When is THE best time of the year to step up your style and wear a cool, stylish and hip tie? Yep, it's that obvious of an answer: the holidays and New Years! For both occasions you're (hopefully) surrounded by family, friends and loved ones, and there is no better way to show that you care than to dress up for the occasion! I would highly recommend shopping the selection at for all your product needs. They offer high quality, affordable and unique products, which includes much more than just ties!

I would recommend several different approaches depending on your personality! All of the approaches feature a unique approach with a tie from!


Approach #1: solid burgundy, silk knit tie. This tie is one of the most versatile ties that I have in my closet and is a consistent go-to. The quality of the silk is not only noticeable to the touch, but it's visible from a distance! Just look at the details in the weave! This tie is perfect for layering during the holiday season. Try pairing it with a colorful cardigan and a standout blazer! For this shoot, I went with a green cardigan and a blue, winter-wool, plaid blazer. Since this is for the holidays, I styled this look with a pair of denim instead of the full suit. The tie will not be packed away until next Christmas. I recommend wearing it with a plain white shirt and a suit, and you're ready for the next boardroom meeting. Click here for the link!

Approach #2: deep burgundy, fair isle pattern, silk knit tie. This tie takes the iconic fair isle sweater and turns it into the perfect tie. The sweater pattern is transferred perfectly into the tie and the skinny width keeps it on point with trend. I would recommend wearing this tie with a winter blazer that allows the tie to stand out! For this styling, I paired the tie with a cashmere/wool, plaid blazer. Click here for the link!

Approach #3: This constellation tie is another, yet more classic, approach to dressing for the holiday season. The blue tie with the star pattern is subtle enough that it doesn’t jump out right away, however pair it with a burgundy sport coat and green plaid pocket square and you are ready to go! Click here for the link!

Approach #4: if you want a more fun tie for the occasion, then I would highly recommend picking up the 'ugly sweater' tie. I would personally style this with a light color shirt and a cardigan. I think wearing a blazer with a more fun tie would send mixed signals about trying too hard, which is why I recommend the cardigan. Click here for the link!


New Years is another perfect occasion to wear your favorite tie... or my personal favorite - the bow tie. Self tie only! I have always been an advocate of the bow tie for New Years since it is one of the few occasions throughout the year where it is 100% acceptable even if you have never worn a bow tie before!

My personal favorite bow ties for New Years are classic patterns with a diamond tip to showcase you really know what you're doing. This year, I decided to pair my favorite bowtie with a double-breasted blazer that fits perfectly. I actually decided to style this combination with a pair of jeans and a dress boot. The bow tie and double-breasted blazer mean business and the denim says I am ready to keep this party going! Click here for the link!

Do NOT forget about stepping up your sock game for the occasion! offers some really awesome packages that will be perfect for whatever your personal preference desires! Click here for the link! has been a go-to for customers around the world and they have continued to work with influencers every day (which I really respect). I highly recommend purchasing from and I have really enjoyed working together with them on this post! Thank you!

As always, please reach out to me with any questions!

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