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Instagram's Removal of Likes and Views

My one word response: good.

If you've followed Instagram / Facebook news at all recently there has been a lot written about the rumors of the removal of the count of Likes and Views from profiles. Here is a recent article from the Washington Post that provides a good summary, click here to read. Essentially Instagram / Facebook is testing the removal of the Likes and Views from profiles beginning in Canada. Because of the increased focus on mental health in society, and a society that has become so "Like and View" count focus, Facebook / Instagram is actually doing something about it. Shocking, right?!

For the longest time Instagram has 'messed' with their algorithm, never providing any consistency to anyone, moving from chronological order to some cryptic system no one can figure out. Personally, I always focus on providing the highest quality content regardless of whatever Instagram is doing to their algorithm.

Anyways, you can read all about this with a quick Google search, but I wanted to publish my opinion on the subject. With 109,000+ followers, as a content creator, 'influencer' or whatever else people are calling it these days, I think it's a good thing. There will literally be no impact to me and hopefully not to my following either. I'll still be able to see my Likes and Views and can communicate this to brands when I'm working on replying to requests for collaborations or pitching to brands for new work.

I have always focused on providing the highest quality content to my followers and that is not going to change. What's hopefully going to change is the insanity of people in society who are so Like and View obsessed that they base their entire days around it. I'm not talking about the people who make money doing this because that makes sense - it's their job. I'm talking about the non-content creators and the non-influencers. Just normal people trying so hard to make their lives seem perfect to try and get more Likes / Views on social media.

One other important thing to keep in mind is that Instagram is also testing the shopping within the application feature which I'm sure will be rolling out soon. They are about 10 years behind on this, but it's coming eventually. That will be a game-changer for a lot of content creators who will soon be able to link to their products for followers to buy. That's more valuable than anyone knowing their Likes / Views.

I'm optimistic about the future of Instagram and I think it's important for society to change their mindset. Props to Facebook / Instagram for doing something about it!


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05 maj 2019

Great useful informative article with a well informed knowledgeable point of view. Hopefully Instagram has an optimistic future and they can get some issues fix to keep people inspired enough to continue to post for years to come.

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