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Monteverde Review

I booked reservations for this restaurant months in advance, so I could get a prime timeslot for a Saturday night. I read about the chef and countless reviews, and I anxiously waited for the date to approach. The hype was certainly worth the wait, the meal was fantastic.

Why Eat here?

Eat here for Italian fine-dining in a casual and a vibrant environment. The restaurant is a very cozy environment and you’ll most likely be seated close to the people to your left or right. They key is to just stay focused on your company and the delicious food they are about to put in front of your place. The pasta dishes were absolutely phenomenal and were all uniquely different from each other.


I decided to throw in a curve ball with this outfit and rocked a waistcoat. It was my first time wearing a waistcoat in a casual environment and I’m a fan! I didn’t want to look too much like a bartender, but I think it came together nicely.

Blazer, waistcoat, shirt and chinos: Nifty Genius

Shoes: Thursday Boots

Pocket square: Peter Field


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