Mugsy Jeans Review - How Comfortable Are They Really?

Dapper Professional hanging out at the Mugsy HQ in his Mugsy demin.

I wear Mugsy Jeans a lot in my recent Instagram posts, so I figured it was about time I wrote a Mugsy Jeans review on my website to spread the word about these incredible products.

Four years ago (it was two years ago when I first wrote this post) I owned two pairs of Mugsy jeans, now I own about 10 pairs. These are my go-to jeans on the weekend (since I’m business casual / formal most of the week). They are the most comfortable pair of jeans in my closet, they fit the great, and they have some awesome detailing. I also really respect and support this company. Mugsy Jeans was founded by Leo T. who has continued to evolve the company into what it has become today. A big congratulations to Leo, who now has a Mugsy store in Chicago!

Update: this physical space has been open for a couple years now and it's thriving! If you're ever in Chicago be sure to check out the hours and head on over there! The Mugsy store is located right on Michigan Ave.

Mugsy has expanded from jeans to chinos to shorts to bathing suits to blazers. Each and everyone of the products offered are incredible. They all follow the same theme of having a major stretch component. Several of my friends have purchased Mugsy over the years and they quickly end up buying additional pairs! I would highly recommend all of their products for anyone looking for more comfortable clothing!

Their products run true to size for a 'modern fit', meaning they run slimming than traditional department store sizing. The bathing suits have an incredible liner inside that makes wearing a bathing suit for a long period of time very comfortable. The Every Day blazer is also a great product that will be different than every other blazer you own. It is super casual and is a perfect travel companion when you want something a little nicer, but don't want to deal with a wool blazer potentially getting wrinkled. I recently wore the Every Day blazer throughout a trip to NYC and it was great!


These will likely be the most comfortable pair of denim in your closet. It’s unlike any other pair of denim due to the nontraditional denim blend, and IT WORKS. I would compare them to sweatpants, but you probably wouldn’t believe me.

Their chinos are also super comfortable and are perfect for any casual office environment. I find myself wearing their chinos with t-shirts, polos or untucked button downs to achieve that upper-casual look.


Comfort goes hand-in-hand with the excellent fit of the jeans. They are designed with a modern silhouette and a nice clean taper from the knee to the ankles. If you want the pant to fit a bet looser, then I would recommend sizing up in the waist and because of the stretch it will likely still fit really well!


Mugsy Jeans have a very unique electric blue hem running down the inside of the pants leg (where there is the usual messy overlap of fabric). It’s a really awesome detail if you’re interested in cuffing your jeans, which is a very ‘trendy’ look these days. When the jean is cuffed, the electric blue ID hem stands out in all the right ways.

Mugsy has this electric blue hem on their chinos as well, which is also great when you want to cuff your chinos, especially in the warmer weather!

As always, reach out if you have any questions! I hope you enjoyed my honest Mugsy Jeans review.

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