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My New Oliver Wicks Custom Suit Review!

oliver wicks custom suit review

Winter is coming! If you watch Game of Thrones you might get that reference otherwise, just know it gets cold as hell in Chicago! With the temperature dropping quickly, it was time to get out for a photoshoot in this absolutely stunning Oliver Wicks custom suit. In my dapper ‘professional’ opinion, Oliver Wicks is the best value custom suit available. Bold statement, I know (click here to shop their site).

My Honest Oliver Wicks Review

This particular suit is a blue check, tweed, winter suit with fabric from Lane Bottoli, an Italian mill which specializes in fabrics for more casual & vintage tailoring. I included my favorite customization to this three-piece suit: wide peak lapels, functional button holes, pick stitching, contrast button hole and boutonniere, double back vent, no belt loops, and side tabs. There customization options are my preferred custom features since I think they best represent a custom suit vs. an off the rack suit. This level of detailing won't be found in your typically department store and if it's a full bespoke suit, the suit will certainly cost you over $1,000.

blue check tweed winter oliver wicks custom suit

Here is the breakdown of the entire outfit:

Why is Oliver Wicks so incredible?

The quality of their suits is noticeably levels above other suit available at this price point. There are some very popular brands on the market right now that sell suits at similar price points, however those suits are typically off-the-rack and not customized. So, in addition to purchasing the suit above $600, you’ll then have to pay for all the alterations required for the suit to fit perfectly. There are also popular brands that offer customized suits for cheaper options, but you’re going to sacrifice quality.

A fun fact about the Lane Bottoli mill is that the mill is located in Vittorio Veneto, which is away from the big mills in Biella. They breed their own sheep and have a unique weaving technique, which you can tell, from the designs.

In addition to quality, Oliver Wicks gets the experience right. Their online user-interface is very easy to navigate and measuring process is very intuitive (following the process from start to finish on their website). Additionally, if you have any questions / concerns the Oliver Wicks team does a great job of answering ASAP. They are truly suit experts, not just customer service representatives.

A recurring question asked by many is where to buy a premium suit that is a staple wardrobe piece and will worn well into the future. Without hesitation, I answer Oliver Wicks every time.

Oliver Wicks actually sold out of this exact suit, but if you’re looking for a similar suit I would recommend this one, click here.

I was excited to showcase this suit around the Chicago River and bridges! A special thank you to my photographer.

If you're interested to learn more about my rubber sole dress shoe selection in the winter, click here for my post on rubber sole dress shoes.

If you're interested in how a suit should fit, and definitely before buying an online custom suit, click here for my suit guide.

blue check tweed winter oliver wicks custom suit

blue check tweed winter oliver wicks custom suit

blue check tweed winter oliver wicks custom suit

blue check tweed winter oliver wicks custom suit

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