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Purchasing a Rolex from DeMesy

Close up shot of a Rolex 116264 from DeMesy

Deciding that you’re ready to purchase a Rolex is a major decision, but where to purchase that Rolex from can become just as big of a decision. For all the reasons described in this article I purchased my Rolex from DeMesy Fine Jewelry and Watches. In my previous post “The Greatest Rolex of All Time” I talked a lot about the process of finding the Rolex that was right for me. The post covers some of the history of Rolex, the watch that I thought I wanted and then the watch that was ultimately the perfect Rolex for me. From the time that I determined what watch I wanted until I actually had the Rolex on my wrist was a several month process.

To summarize why, after endless research, I choose to purchase my Rolex from DeMesy:

  1. Rolex specialists

  2. Guaranteed authenticity with a proven history with Rolex watches

  3. Above and beyond customer service

Starting the search

Once I determined which Rolex watch I was going to be searching for to actually purchase, I knew it was going to be a used model since the Rolex Turn-O-Graph 116264 is currently a discontinued model. Even if you determine that you want to purchase a new Rolex, you likely can’t just walk into a Rolex dealer to purchase the watch. This is something that I didn’t even understand at the beginning of my search. I talked about it more extensively in my Greatest Rolex of All Time post (LINK), but what’s typically available in Rolex dealers are precious metal Rolex watches since they are more expensive and not as popular as stainless steel models. Most highly regarded Rolex watches from a Rolex dealer could have a waitlist that is multiple years long. So, once you determine that the secondary market is how you want to purchase your Rolex, the search really begins.

Knowing that I was purchasing a preowned Rolex, I would always browse the selections from the major sellers such as Bob’s Watches, Crown and Caliber and then Chrono24 to find all the other independent sellers. Bob’s Watches and Crown and Caliber are certainly some of the largest names in the preowned Rolex sales, but they also move watches very fast, so you have to be ready to buy the instant something becomes available. You also won’t find a ‘deal’ on any of these watches since they will be priced higher due to their endless demand for Rolex watches. What these companies do well though is provide high quality timepieces, have Rolex experts working on the watches and have the right guarantees. That was really my baseline when I was searching beyond these companies.

Rolex turn-o-graph with the city of Chicago in the background.

Chrono24 is where you’ll really find any and every Rolex imaginable from dealers across the world. These can also be independent sellers. The main reason why I started searching through Chrono24 was to find reputable dealers that were listing the exact model Rolex that I was interested in purchasing. The selection is endless, which can be positive, but it can also be overwhelming. When it comes to buying a Rolex and the price point of these watches, I would never compromise anything. This means that you have to be incredibly diligent when you are searching.

I first came across DeMesy when I was searching for the Rolex 116264 Turn-O-Graph on Chrono24 and they happened to have the exact model I was looking for. I then went into full research mode, reading every review possible on them. I read everything on Google, Reddit and any other post I could find about them. This is the step I’d recommend doing for any seller that you come across and are interested in purchasing from. At the same time that I was searching DeMesy I also came across the same exact watch from another reputable seller on Chrono24. What I liked about both of my options is that they both had physical store locations and that they have both been in business for decades.

Where DeMesy truly surpassed any other place to purchase a Rolex from was their specialists who were going above and beyond to answer my intensely detailed questions about the Rolex I was interested in purchasing. I have paragraphs of emails back and forth with their customer service team answering all of my questions. Their team was sending me iPhone pictures of the actual watch and their main representative, Ryan, would answer every text and email I sent his way. We even had several phone conversations prior to me actually purchasing the watch. I was not getting these answers from the other seller I was also exploring and it became clear that DeMesy was by far and above the best place to purchase the watch from. I also need to note at this point that I was just a normal, potential customer. I never mentioned my website or Instagram account while we were in our initial discussions. This was just the great service they provide to any potential buyer.

Rolex Specialists

As I mentioned above, they were able to answer in extensive detail all of the questions that I had regarding the watch and all service related questions. What I also really liked about DeMesy is the fact that they are in Dallas, have a physical location and work with the Rolex Service Center located in Dallas. They use their independent Rolex watch specialist for servicing, but they can get anything they need from the Rolex Service Center when needed. Ryan went above and beyond to help me and I know he does for others as well. I actually talked with him about some of the negative reviews they had on Google and he addressed them head on saying that some customers get really irritated that they can’t just come in and try on a ton of watches. Their team is very focused on serious buyers and they are appointment based. I actually really respect this from a business perspective.

Guaranteed authenticity with a proven history with Rolex watches

What immediately became clear to me with DeMesy was their ability to provide authenticity guaranteed with their watches. Given their over 25 years of experience and having a physical location, their reputation is on the line. If there was ever a used Rolex they sold without genuine Rolex parts or that didn’t match the description it would severely impact their reputation and they know that. I had the utmost confidence purchasing my Rolex from DeMesy and am fully confident in its authenticity.

Above and beyond customer service

I already mentioned several times above how great their team was to work with, but I just want to reiterate how confident I felt when making a purchase this big all over the internet. Their communication was truly exceptional and the ability to see iPhone pictures of the watch texted directly to me from their store was really helpful. What I also learned was that their professional pictures of their watches actually show any wear of the watch significantly more than they actually appear in person. So this was a pleasant surprise when I received the watch!

Rolex turn-o-graph featured with a suit and tie.


Purchasing a Rolex for the average consumer looking to buy this watch is a very serious purchase. You have to do your research and be confident in the watch you are purchasing and be confident in the company you are buying the watch from. Without this trust you’ll always truly wonder what’s on your wrist. DeMesy is truly a Rolex specialist and you can feel confident in purchasing a watch from them.

After my super positive experience with their team I decided to purchase my wife a pair of stunning earrings for a milestone birthday. Their jewelry certainly follows the same pattern of excellent customer services as well and absolutely stunning products!

Inside out diamond earrings from DeMesy.

Partnership with DeMesy

After I went through the entire process described in my previous post and in this post and well after I had been wearing the watch, I then spoke with the marketing team about doing a post for them. This post is sponsored by DeMesy, but I want to make it very clear that this partnership between myself and DeMesy formed well after the watch was already purchased from them.

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