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Quartino Review

Quartino Chicago

Read any review of best Italian restaurants in Chicago and you will probably find Quartino somewhere on this list. This restaurant closely resembles an Italian restaurant you’d actually find in Italy, however it just so happens to be located in a prime location in Chicago’s River North neighborhood.

Why Eat Here?

I would come up with any excuse to eat here. It’s perfect for a large group of people, since you won’t have to worry about having enough food or slow service. They turn out food like it’s their job…wait it actually is their job, and they do it well. If you’re with a small group or just a friend, then it can also be a perfect place to share some great Italian food!


The atmosphere is vibrant, fun and there is a $15 bottle of house wine on the menu that is fantastic. Yes that’s right $15.


This is definitely a casual dining experience, and you’ll see everything from t-shirts to suits. Your best bet is wearing something in between. I ended up wearing just a button down and denim for this dinner.

Shirt and Denim: O.N.S. Clothing

Shoes: Thursday Boots

Socks: Boardroom Socks

Watch: AVI-8


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