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Rolex 2020 New Watch Releases

The moment many watch enthusiasts have been waiting for is finally here! Rolex released its new lineup of watches for 2020. This has been a much anticipated release as the watch releases were initially delayed and then there was some skeptics saying they might not even release the new watches this year. But, sure enough they did, and the watches are magnificent!

As a Dapper Professional, these watches, like all Rolex watches are as dapper as a watch can get! I have some other personal favorites, but I mean just look at this $39,650 white gold 41mm submariner date with a blue bezel that only a small number of people will ever actually see in person! Blue is one of my favorite colors and its so striking here!

Many of the top articles being released right now from Forbes, GQ, Esquire, etc. are all focusing on the new submariner with the 41mm case size and the brand new calibre 3230 movement. This now features a 70 hour power reserve compared to the previous 48 hour power reserve. There was also a subtle increase to the width of the bracelet that makes the 1mm increase in size look much bolder, while maintaining the classic submariner look and feel.

What is getting less attention in their recent release, that I actually think is a bigger deal, is the brand new Oyster Perpetual 41 and the vibrant dials on the brand new Oyster Perpetual 36. Both watches feature the brand new 3230 movement showcasing a major investment in new Rolex 'entry-level' watches with the list price of under $6,000. These watches also feature their Oystersteel material and the Oyster bracelet.

The new move of the entry level Oyster Perpetual is a move away from the prior 39mm version of the Oyster Perpetual, which many loved, but I personally always thought looked to be slightly off. The 41mm size is an indication that they are betting on the bigger watch trend is here to stay.

Rolex has been known to come out with some interesting color combinations in the past, so this isn't anything new for them, but when it's paired with a larger case size, I personally see this as a major move to capture a younger high-end watch buyer. Additionally, the Oyster Perpetual is the base offering to the higher-end Datejust, which are both traditionally dressier watches. This color offering is making the Oyster Perpetual bolder and more casual, again focusing on a new audience of watch buyers.

Regardless of the size, the Oyster Perpetual is their entry-level watch (leaving the Air-King out of this for now). But, with the incredible 3230 movement (which is the exact same as the no-date submariner) this watch is just as serious as any Rolex watch. Good luck getting it at list price though, since Authorized Dealers have extensive waiting lists for these watches. They will be well above the list price where the greater masses could actually purchase them.

I am sure these will be going for a good percentage over list price once they become available on the grey market, but that blue dial is a personal favorite and very dapper! The Oyster Perpetual has everything that you could want in a Rolex, while being dapper enough to wear with a suit, but casual enough to wear with shorts and a t shirt.

A tough decision for anyone who is actually in the market for a Rolex is typically which design and what size is best for them. Keep in mind that the size that is best for you might not be a 41mm watch. Just because Rolex is releasing larger watches, doesn't mean you should style away from a 36mm watch which has been a male preferred size of a watch for decades before the 2000's.

Here is a quick look at some of their other incredible new watches for 2020.

The Sky-Dweller on the Oysterflex band.

The Submariner with the new 41mm case size.

All photos are from Rolex's website.

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