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Spring Ahead!

The changing seasons is the perfect excuse to freshen up your wardrobe with some subtle changes that can make a big difference! Let’s take it one step at a time with a focus on making just one adjustment to your spring / summer clothes: a bold tie.

A bold tie for the spring / summer season is an easy way to enhance any outfit. Another benefit to wearing a bold tie is that it makes the rest of the outfit easy to put together since you want the tie to really stand out! offers an endless selection of bold ties to choose from ranging in price, fabric and design. Here are two examples of how to step it up this season.

The first selection showcases this stunning floral tie. The design and colors are bold and unique enough to differentiate this tie from all the other floral ties that your co-workers might be wearing. I took this outfit to another level going with a linen blend blazer and slacks, paired with brown loafers.

Without the floral tie, the above outfit would be just another normal outfit, but add the tie and it will stand out in all the right ways. It’s loud, but not obnoxious.

My simplified recommendation to wearing this floral tie is the following:

  • Maui Tie (click here for the tie)

  • White or light blue shirt

  • Navy blue blazer

  • Gray slacks

  • Brown shoes

The second selection focuses on color and fabric instead of design. This teal, cotton tie is one of the most unique and versatile ties in my collection. The tie matches great with endless colors and patterns and can be included as the main focal point or layered for just a touch of color.

While I paired this tie with a custom shirt and houndstooth slacks, I’d recommend the following:

  • Ben Tie (click here for the tie) - yep, it’s even named after me

  • White and gray shirt

  • Navy blue suit or blue blazer and khaki’s (modern fit)

  • Dark brown shoes

The color and texture of the tie will balance well with a lighter shirt and a darker blazer. With this tie there might not even be a reason to wear a blazer.

For more recommendations on pattern matching and my strategy, check out the Mixing and Matching post by clicking here.

Thank you for being a great supporter of Dapper Professional and tie lovers everywhere.

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