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Tailor Store Custom Shirt and the $29 Trial Offer

Tailor Store Custom Dress Shirt

Tailor Store is offering a custom dress shirt for a $29 trial offer and you need to take advantage of this opportunity! This is NOT a sponsored post, I'm just bringing attention to the fact that you can get a custom dress shirt for $29.

I have worked with Tailor Store over the last couple of years and I'm always wearing and posting about their products. Recently, they have taken a stronger position in the men's custom dress shirt business and this is clearly an offer to promote their shirts. If you're interested to know more in general about dress shirts, then I recommend checking out my dress shirt guide which continues to be the most-visited page on my website.

Their goal is of course to convert you to a long-term customer and at $79 for many of their regular priced custom shirts, this is a win-win situation. I would recommend getting your measurements in the system and trying the $29.00 trial offer they are promoting. Once that shirt arrives, really fine-tune your measurements with them, so they are perfect moving forward. Then, anytime you need a custom shirt just place the order and you're good-to-go!

I will say that even their non-iron dress shirts still come out of the dryer fairly wrinkled and require a lot of ironing. I wouldn't let this deter you from ordering the $29 trial offer dress shirt, but be aware that this is not a non-iron shirt. So you'll want to get it dry cleaned or it'll take a good bit to get it looking good with an iron.

Example of their custom dress shirts:

Tailor Store Custom Dress Shirt


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