What Guys Should Wear in Las Vegas: An Outfit For All Occasions

Paisley blazer and an example of what guys should wear in vegas

When I was packing for a recent trip to Las Vegas I realized that I had no idea what guys wear in Las Vegas when they go out to dinner and out to the nightclubs. So, I started by texting a few friends who I know who have been several times and I received the generic answers, “just wear what you normally do in Chicago”. It wasn’t helpful because…well it’s VEGAS. I wanted to know what people wear in Las Vegas, what’s acceptable to wear in Las Vegas, what men’s fashion would stand out in Las Vegas, but it also has to fly slightly under the radar since it’s more challenging in general for guys to get into the nightclubs.

The casinos can be very casual during the day and at night there are more individuals dressed up because they have more planned for the night than just gambling. If you’re going just for nice dinners and shows, then anything from nice denim and a polo shirt to a suit will work just fine! I would recommend wearing what you typically would if you were going out to a nice dinner with family or friends. Don’t be afraid to go a little bolder compared to your normal outfits since in Vegas it’s hard to standout compared to the sea of every type of fashion imaginable.

Suited look in Vegas with my fiancee

Heading to Vegas for the weekend you’ll likely know what type of trip you’re about to have. If it’s about to be a weekend filled with partying and a terrible hangover on Sunday, then play close attention.

Not in the mood to read the rest of this? Then just read this the following…In summary: black or dark color everything, including dress shoes, and make sure it fits well.

Summary of what guys should wear in Vegas

Here are a few links to some basics that will help to elevate your Vegas attire:

  • Dark, slim fit denim with some stretch. Here is one example from Nordstrom, but browse around for a pair on sale! Avoid faded denim or any color besides a solid dark color. Click here.

  • A casual button down shirt in a solid dark color. It's critical that the button down is a casual button down and not a dress shirt. There are two easy ways to identify a casual button down shirt: 1) the collar is a button down collar so there is a button on each side of the collar and 2) the length is not quite long enough to tuck in, but you could if you were in a bind. Click here for an example of one. Here is another example.

  • A solid black t shirt will go a long way as well for when you're just rolling out of bed and want to look somewhat put together. The black t shirt goes great with dark denim, click here. And if you want a bolder t shirt, then check out Uniqlo's art t shirt collection, but remember less is more and keep it simple. Click here.

  • As for footwear, I would go with a pair of black wingtip shoes that are slightly more casual in nature. This particular pair has the different color heel which is a nice detailing. Click here. Do not wear a hybrid pair that has the white activewear sole. Or just go really big with the Gucci loafers. That's when you know you're the real deal, click here for the classic Gucci bit loafer.

  • Swimwear, again I like to keep it simple, but this is where you can certainly go bolder if you'd like! Just make sure the bathing suit is ending above the knees. Click here for a great fun option. Click here for a solid option.

  • Having a nice hat during the day is a great way not to have to worry about your hair, especially coming in and out of the pool. The brand I launched, Vandre Brand is the perfect luxury hat for all occasions, with the premium 100% Irish Linen hats available now for purchase! Click here for the best hat!!!

  • Last, but not least is the blazer. The blazer is probably the MOST important article of clothing when you're heading to Vegas because the right blazer can work perfect with a t shirt or a button down shirt AND can be worn a lot when you're not in Vegas to elevate any look. The most important aspect of the blazer is that it's unconstructed and doesn't look like a suit jacket from the 2000's. This is achieved through the combination of unconstructed and a blend of cotton as the fabric. Click here for my top recommendation. And click here for another recommendation.

Details about what guys should wear in Vegas

If you’ve prepaid for bottle service, tables, etc. and you’re going BIG, then I would say you have more liberty to wear what you want. You won’t have any issues getting into the nightclubs since you’re with a group that’s already paid for everything. Of course, you need to follow their normal dress code rules (e.g. clothes that look nice, no clothes with holes, etc).

We had our entrance to the nightclubs covered ahead of time. For the first night, we headed to XS after eating at Nobu, which is one of the nicest nightclubs, to see the Chainsmokers. I was aiming for a more aggressive look by going with a nice t-shirt. This shirt is from Uniqlo and was a collaboration featuring Andy Warhol. I paired it with a bold blazer, then toned down the outfit with denim and black wingtip dress shoes. The bold blazer was still a muted color (muted colors are important). I likely would have gone with a button down shirt if we were just general admission because I would have been concerned about wearing a t-shirt to the nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Our second night out in Vegas, after an incredible dinner at Beauty and Essex, I went with an aggressive cotton suit paired with a black button down, untucked, and black wingtip dress shoes. To define “aggressive cotton suit” this is not a suit I would ever wear to a business meeting. It’s a much tighter fit due to the stretch material. I also went with a shorter length button down because I knew I was going to wear it untucked. Do not just untuck a button normal down shirt and expect it to look as good as a casual button down shirt that’s untucked (casual button downs are designed to be shorter).

Do NOT wear a ‘business suit’ that makes it look like you just left your job selling used cars in the 1980’s (e.g. a suit that doesn’t fit well). Wearing a suit is not something that you have to wear or should feel remotely obligated to wear if you’re going to the nightclubs in Vegas.

If you want to wear something conservative when going out in Las Vegas, I would recommend nice fitting dark blue or black denim, nice dark brown or black dress shoes, and a dark color button down that looks good untucked. I was really glad that I went with muted colors in Las Vegas. So if it helps, leave the bold colors at home this trip and save those for Nantucket. If you’re going to wear a blazer, make sure it’s a nice fitting blazer that you will definitely have to dry-clean. Shockingly, people can smoke in all casinos and nightclubs in Vegas (not a fan of this aspect, but it is what it is)!

For those of you who are going to the pool parties, I would recommend a non-obnoxious bathing suit that is likely on the shorter side and not baggy. You’ll see a lot of bold bathing suits there, so unless you’re the bachelor or feel like you’re trying to get attention, stick with a nice, muted color, bathing suit that sits above your knees.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have questions!