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Modern Day Essential Accessories - Written by: @COPACAB

Before we go any further, I will just go out there and state the obvious…Men’s fashion has come a long way! I mean even when we speak fondly of the days when men dressed like gentlemen, they still played it fairly safe. Some of yesteryear’s most impeccable dressers wore a classic oxford, to accompany a well-tailored suit and a crisply folded white pocket square. Yet we men are now able to be bold, daring, and colorful with our wardrobes.

Before, we were comfortable being “in the box” with our attire. We knew the rules “Match tie with shirt” and so on. But along came some great accessories that opened the door for us men, to not only dress dapper but reflect our personalities in our clothes.

For this article, we will be taking a quick look at some of the accessories men are using to shake up their ensembles and just stand out, whether at the office, a wedding or out and about.


We are going to literally start “From the ground up”. No longer do we, pour effort into a tasteful and nuanced outfit only to put our best foot forward wearing a slouchy pair of black dress socks. Many great brands have come out over the years, to produce fun, trendy colorful pairs. The simple rule for socks are: you can anchor them to another piece in your outfit such as your tie, as in my outfit, or make them the center piece and you have an instant conversation starter.

Pocket square:

If we are going to be honest, this became a much forgotten accessory until recent trends brought the “hanky” back to the forefront. As mentioned before it was once just a crisp white cloth folded as square tucked into the front blazer/suit jacket. But now like ties, there are a plethora of styles and fabrics, which make up the pocket square game. A rule of thumb, coordinate it with your tie or shirt but never match! For the picture, I chose a pink and blue pocket square to accentuate the flowers in the tie. Play around and you have endless possibilities!

Lapel Pins:

The lapel pin/flower has morphed from a simple boutonniere for weddings or an insignia pin for fraternities, which were only worn on special occasions, to an integral accessory for sprucing up an outfit. They now come in different shades, shapes and styles. You can wear a metal pin to add some regality to your outfit, or something fun like a colorful mini bowtie as in the photo.


The tried and true accessory of men’s fashion! Ties are usually one of the first accessories men focus on when they want to upgrade their style. But it’s no longer a striped silk tie with full Windsor knot! You can now find great patterns from polka dots to floral in varying fabrics such as cotton, wool or knitted cloth. With your neckwear you are no longer tied to the olden days!


Whichever accessory you prefer, you have to admit there is a new level of style and flair being introduced into men’s fashion. There are other accessories that I didn’t even touch on like bead bracelets or the venerable watch, that have been given new exciting designs. You can move at your own pace and explore new pieces to see what works for you. There are also subscription/gift box companies like us at COP A C.A.B, which provide great items all in one place for you to incorporate into your wardrobe. The possibilities are endless. Go ahead and redefine your look with a few nice accessories!


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