Being Inventively Stylish

Stylish Icons like Jack Nicholson, David Beckham, Olivier Rousteing, Pharrell Williams and Benjamin “Andre 3000” Andre all have completely different styles but there is one common denominator between them. They all are inventive when it comes creating their own style! Jack can turn a plaid suit into a GQ worthy article. David makes undershirts, boxer briefs and joggers fashionable and Pharrell can rock a hat that can hold enough water for an overly thirsty horse. And make a nation rock it with him! That’s what I’m all about. Finding new ways to be inventively stylish!

What does it mean to be “Inventively Stylish”. It means that you’re constantly finding new ways to construct your style. Whether that means you’re finding new way to wear certain accessories or you find a new fold to make with your pocket square. You’re being inventive. Similar to how engineers design new buildings is how stylist creates new looks and outfits.

I personally love discovering and adding new things to my style. That’s how I’m inventively stylish. Certainly, I’m gotten into the craze of pins but instead of following the trends and placing them on a trucker or biker jacket, I’ve been using them on my suit jackets. Talk about falling in love with style all over again! WooHoo! I’ve been hitting up a couple of antique malls around my town (Charlotte, N.C) and found cool brooches to add a new flavor to my style as well.

Pattern mixing is another way of how I express my inventiveness when it comes to style. I’m a huge fan of polka dots and I can practically combine it with any other pattern. Trust me, I’ve done some brave combinations. So, whatever patterns you’re into don’t be afraid to flip them, twist them and dip them together.

Those are only a few ways to be inventively stylish. The key elements to remember about being inventively stylish is constantly learning, being brave and falling in love with your own style! I’m super proud of the style that I’ve developed over the years. I’m only 25 so I have a lifetime to learn even more ways to be inventively stylish and so do you! Take the risk and love the style that you could invent!

Check out my inventively stylish and uniquely fashionable men’s fashion blog: Urbnwood @ !! Until next time, stay fly trendsetters!!!

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