BOOM! Check out this style!

Boom! Let me briefly introduce you to this unbelievable, Oliver Wicks, custom suit. This is not my official review of this suit, but I did want to get this post live since you'll be seeing this suit mixed and matched a lot on my Instagram page.

Click here for the official, more in-depth review of Oliver Wicks.

I had a chance on Friday to meet Blake Scott at the Blake Scott x Crosby Square event (Nordstrom on Michigan Ave. in Chicago). It was a great reason to get out and meet with some other dapper gents around the Chicago area!

And I definitely couldn't pass up the opportunity to style this suit around Chicago. Pictured below is the Oliver Wicks three piece custom suit, Allen Edmonds loafers, a Bows-N-Tie spring tie and a Peter Field pocket square.

The Allen Edmonds are brand new and I had to go with the Oxblood color. If you have a lot of brown, black and/or tan shoes, I would definitely recommend branching out into Oxblood. It's such a great color! This won't be the last time you see these either!


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