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Buenos Aires, Argentina Travel Advice


If you’ve been following along all my Instagram ‘Stories’ and some posts from the last two weeks you would have seen the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. I had to escape the Chicago winter! One of my childhood best friends has been living and working down there for the last four years. I was finally able to align my vacation calendar with two other childhood friends, so the four of us spent 8 days in Buenos Aires.


What an incredible city full of character, charm, great people, amazing food and great music! We spent the majority of our time in a section of the city called Palermo. This area is full of coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants and bars. The city is painted with street art, which will certainly catch your eye if you ever have a chance to visit the city! I also really enjoyed the vintage cars parked all around (some of them probably haven’t moved in decades). We ate our way through the city known for their meat selection. I consumed more steak and potatoes in 8 days than I would in half a year!

The vibrant nightlife consists of a lot of music and dancing, which was certainly fun! And when I say nightlife sometimes that went into the early hours of the morning. We ate dinner at midnight some nights! We saw about 6 concerts, including: my friend’s band, Carnival neighborhood festival, open-mic night, Argentinian drum show (La Bomba de Tiempo), and a world famous interactive concert (Fuerza Bruta).

We ended up being there during a heatwave, which had its pros and cons. Pro: our rooftop pool at the Airbnb was perfect. Con: dressing cool in the evenings was a challenge.

I traveled with a few essentials on this trip that I would highly recommend:


Short sleeve button-downs have always been a favorite of mine in the summer months. They can easily be dressed up or down and will always keep you cool! I have a new Original Stitch custom shirt I wore for nicer dinners and was perfect! I customized every detail of this OS shirt, so, yes I know it’s a little crazy.



On this trip, I packed two pairs of Greats shoes and a pair of older loafers. The Greats shoes were always on my feet! I wore the G-knit sneakers for pretty much any occasion. I dressed them up with jeans and I would also use them for runs around the city. One of the best parts about this shoe is how light and comfortable they are! This made them perfect for plane rides and even getting caught in the rain (they dried very quickly)! I brought the white Royale with me as well to wear out most nights. They were great with no-show socks.





I used a slim cardholder from Nodus Collection with RFID protection. This cardholder never left my pocket! It was great considering the higher level of pick pocketing, since it fits perfectly in my front pocket. The wallet is open on two sides (compared to just the traditional top opening), making it much easier to take money in and out.


The Nodus Collection


My go-to watch on this trip was the Original Grain minimalist watch. I choose this watch for a couple of reasons, but mainly because if provided a sleek, stylish option that stood out the right amount. The wood grain ring around this watch separates it from its peers.


Original Grain


I packed two Anson Belt with me for this trip. Anson Belt have always been my go-to belt and I would highly recommend them to anyone (the holeless belt is a game changer).

Anson Belt


SAX boxer briefs were a lifesaver on this trip, I need to stock up on more! Lululemon shorts were clutch in a variety of situations and will definitely be getting a lot of wear this Chicago summer (they were a great vday gift). Bose noise cancelling headphones are also a must for the plane rides.


Rain gear:

I brought down a Hill-Side waterproof blazer on this trip. The blazer was easy to pack and I could wear it as a normal blazer for nicer dinners.


For those photographers out there, I use a Nikon D3300 with a 35mm prime. In my opinion it’s the best focal length on a DSLR for everyday shooting.


Another successful abroad experience is in the books and I can now add another country to my list. Feel free to reach out if you’re heading down to Buenos Aires or thinking about taking a trip!

All photographs by @DapperProfessional


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