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Floreria Atlantico Review

Floreria Atlantico

Floreria Atlantico is ranked as one of the world’s 50 best bars and I certainly found out why! Walking off the street and into a beautiful flower shop, you would have no idea that below your feet is a bar serving some of the best cocktails you will ever have! The flower shop as a standalone store is stunning! There was even an employee behind the register asking if there was anything she could help us with. In the corner of this flower shop is a refrigerator-looking door that leads you downstairs to the bar.

The bar is long, narrow and full of locals and tourists of all ages. The drinks are served in various glassware ranging from a fishbowl to a beaker. The menu is a leather-bound book containing cocktails from all different countries around the world! It actually took me about 15 minutes to figure out which drink I wanted to try.

The image below is the cocktail that I ordered.

Floreria Atlantico


Since it was 95 degrees and prior to going to this bar we attended a concert, I was in a short sleeve button and shorts! Considering the heatwave in the region, it was acceptable to wear shorts at night!

Shirt: J. Crew

Shorts: Lulu Lemon

Shoes: Greats


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