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Bright Colors and Business Casual - Written By: @TheModernSikh

Make Colors Your Friend

I know that many people fear to try on bright colors because they either are at a disadvantage due to not knowing what colors work together or they are too afraid to try them on. This whole outfit cost between US $150.00 - 200.00. But you can definitely get it cheaper, if you buy during a sale.

The shirt and pants are both from Express Men. It is essential to understand and know your personal color ranges. The light blue shirt goes great with the pink chinos. You only have to fold them up about half an inch to achieve this look.

The shoes are from Aston Grey and I can say that they are made with 100% real leather. Now the issue, arises that you have to spend a couple hundred dollars to buy 100% real leather shoes. That is completely false. I bought them from DSW Warehouse, on sale for $89.00 and they’re great! Always be sure to check and make sure they are 100% real leather! To take your outfit to the next level, go with a fitted summer blazer. I bought mine from Uniqlo for $69.99.

The Causal Business Man

For those who easily run out of idea or inspiration for outfit to wear to work then try this look. The total cost for an outfit like this can range from $150.00 - 250.00. Some standard advice to follow, for work related clothes try and stick with conservative colors. Of course, that all depends on your work environment.

The shirt is from Express and, this particular one, is for the summer time. You can make any long sleeve shirt look great with pants, but the shirt has to be fitted. Do not make the mistake of buying or wearing clothing for work that are too loose or don't fit. For pants: blue, grey, khaki, white, brown, black, are all necessary colors. Don’t buy pants that are too loose either, which makes them look baggy. I bought these from Asos, they are skinny fit and they conform to your legs.

The shoe's are from Clarks, one thing I have to say about this brand is that their shoe's are top class. They are a bit pricey, but if you take care of your shoe's, then they will last you years. These cost me $50.00, but I was only able to buy them at a year-end sale for buy two for $100.00, they're average cost is $125.00 - $175.00. The leather bag can range anywhere from $80.00 - $200.00. I got mine from India.

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