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Adding Spring Details - Written By: @MattMetsch

As guys, we don’t have many choices of clothing as women have, but our creativity reveals the hidden beauty with the slightest details. Sometimes a white shirt on its own is enough to be the center of attention. Sometimes your watch can be your outstanding detail. Sometimes it is your pocket square or the pattern of your bow tie that distinguishes you from the rest.

For this outfit, I wanted to feel the spring and smell the flowers. The basic color is white and I wanted to emphasize the power of navy. That’s why I chose white slim fit trousers and this floral shirt. Combining the navy bow tie with the suspenders boosts my outfit from an ordinary look to dapper professional. Most individuals have white trousers and a shirt. However, the ones who are capable of bringing the usual with the remarkable yet simple details will be top notch. The color of the bow tie decides how the outfit will shine. I chose navy this time to fit, but if you like, a red one would also match perfectly with the white and navy.

The price of the clothes doesn’t give them value. It is you.

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@MattMetsch wrote, photographed and produced this post exclusively for:

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Twitter: @DapperProfesh


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